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  1. yeah! i dont drink much at all actually. Only when im at a party. I probably drink like 4x a month at most! and theres no way i CANT drink at a college party.. hehe but im glad your excited!!!!!!!! its funny, since my acne is really clear no i am starting to take care of my life such as eating healthy, working out, doing good in school and such. So pretty much accutane gives you the confidence in SO many ways not just for your skin!!! heh let us know how things r!
  2. Hey sounds like your doing great!!! and my bday is april 27th! hehe i turn 21 though! (my liver will hate me that day) so i see that your starting your 2nd month! i will tell you its EXCITING! im about 1.5 months in and 2nd month is GREAT. youll start seeing improvements. I think im all clear now except that its time to make it SUPER clear. im excited for you!!! it seems like your such a happy and energetic person and i love that! take care and good luck!
  3. oh not offended at all. its your life feel free to do what you want. Plus its the internet so it doesnt really matter. its just that i have seen so many of my peers that say their in "love" and then throw away so many opportunities (moving away, not going to college, cant travel, ect.) Heck, i have been there myself. Ive known my hs gf for 3 years and we went out for 1.5 years all the way towards my first year of college. It was a good and healthy relationship. but then I sat back from one day a
  4. hey! im on the same day as you and i see a big improvement in my skin. ive been readying some of your post and i think your doing too much! i think u should just use cetaphil wash and cetaphil cream and thats it! not other products. i think thats the problem. and i thought alice in wonderland was horrible!! lol one of the worst ive ever seen!!! lolol but anyways i hope things start improving! and also... come on now.. your 18! dont ever be attached to a guy yet.... it will DEF resist your abili
  5. yo brotah! so im on day uh... 48 now? (i actually deleted me log so i can stop thinking about acne) and everything is COOL!!!! just one active. now just waiting for things to be super clear! still on 40. isnt life AWESOME when you know acne is going to go away!!! feeling is awesome! i hope your excited for college man!!! its going to be a blastt!! especially when you have confidence! confidence is EVERYTHING
  6. So im on day 40. and i drank for the first time last night at a party and i broke out so bad this morning! shit. im really sad right now. i have like 15 small pimples on my chin now. GREAT.......... i havent been this depressed since the firs time i broke out there around day 15. I think im more depressed because I thought i was completely on the road to recovery but i guess not... ugggg. how r u doin man?
  7. HEY! so started the same time as you and it was very nice and clear for a week and not things r getting bad again! eeek. i dunno why! i got 4 new break outs on my chin and 1 on cheek which sucks. so i guess im in the same boat as you with new breakouts. hope it goes away soon for the both of us!
  8. Hey, it may be silly, but it works! Ugh, my eczema is SPREADING. I now have thick red scaly patches on the outside of my right hand, whereas before that particular grossness was limited to the dime sized spot on my wrist. Luckily, I remembered my Aquaphor, so I am slathering up! I may wear gloves to bed tonight so I can grease up dem hands! Hey where do you get your vitamina A'less multivitamins?
  9. Hey!!! i just wanted to say.. PLEASE MOVE OUT!!! lol i think it would be one of the best decisions of your life.. certainly was one of mine... You get to grow up to be YOU. Also, do you exercise? I think ti helps a lot of emotional health. I am usually stressed and sad sometimes when I don't work out, but when I do I am balanced.
  10. yea you do look red. are you in the sun a lot? do you use sunscreen? i think that might be it... i try to not be in he sun for more than an hour TOTAL for the entire day...