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  1. This is happening to me now! I've been off it since August and over the past week or so I have all these little bumps across my chest which I never, ever had before. I've already been on Accutane for two rounds and I really don't want to have to be on it agian.
  2. I was on Accutane for two courses over the past two years. The first time my eyes were dry, but not too bad. The second course my eyes were so dry I had to put drops into them all the time and I got an eye infection at least once a month. I've been off it since August and my eyes have gone back to normal but do get fuzzy sometimes.. probably should up my glasses perscription.
  3. Day 54 Holy crap- day 54... I feel like I haven't been here in forever (which is practically true, sorry for the lack of updates) to be honest I haven't seen much improvement at all. The right side of my face is STILL worse than my left and my left is no longer clear.. I'm breaking out all over and this better be the worst it gets. I've got little bumps all over my cheeks going to my chin, bigger bumps along my jaw line and I made the mistake of trying to clean house on my neck and that just ma
  4. Is this just for the US or is this for Canada/world wide? The package my pills come in says Accutane Roche (or Roche Accutane I don't remember)... so I'm assuming that's the real deal, not a generic one. I really hope this doesn't eff with my course =(
  5. Julius Jones: I most likely won't be posting any pictures. I'm not comfortable doing so. Maybe later on, but in the mean time no.
  6. Day 35 Not too much to report, a lot of the blackheads I had on my cheeks (which I didn't really know I had) are pushing out which is causing little bumps. It's kind of cool when I wash my face and they just fall out though haha.. am I weird for thinking that? The right side of my face is still by far worse than the left side, I've had to part my hair the opposite of what I usually do to try and hide it. I've figured out a way to stop the scab I have (from a recent picking fit) on the side of
  7. Day 33 GAH! So far I've had only 2 days of taking 80mg but I can already feel a difference. The skin on my arms is red, itchy and so dry! I have gotten the dreaded hand rash and had a medium sized circle (weird) on my arm. If I don't think about it, I don't scratch... but once I think about it- oh boy *scratches* The past few days I've really noticed how red my arms are, well I guess they are more pink than red. My face looks so bad right now, I don't want to go out in public, I didn't even w
  8. So happy for you Sara! I've currently just started month two, my dosage was upped from 40mg a day to odd days 40mg, even days 80mg. I too have a horrible popping/picking problem so the right side of my face looks horrible right now. Can't wait for the day when I have nothing to pick at =)
  9. EEK! I just noticed that I have a slight rash on the back of my right hand...... I thought this didn't happen until later in your course! It's itchy and has tiny little red bumps. Sooooo itchy.
  10. Day 29 Wow, it feels like forever since I last wrote and in reality it's only been 20 days (which I guess could be considered a while). Thanks to everyone for their help in answering questions I've been having. Last we left off I was in intense pain, could hardly move, constant chills and then hot flashes. Accutane was not fun. That lasted a few days and then I was back to normal, well as normal as I can be! I'm just about finished my first month (YAY) and things seem to be moving along pretty
  11. Day 8.5 Wow- the pain. Since my last update Ive been in so much pain I haven't even wanted to sit at a computer. My body has just been aching, my ribs hurt, my left knee has been getting sharp pains, Ive been so tired. I haven't been able to eat much the past few days because my stomach has been really sensitive (withing going into the TMI area). Sleeping has been hard because my body hurts. Last night was the worst I was so cold I was shivering (while I had 2 duvets, a sweatshirt and a fleece
  12. Day 6.5 (7th pill tonight) I woke up this morning and felt like I had been hit by a massive semi-truck. I've been sore the past few days but today has been the worst on the muscle/back/joint pain scale. I feel like it's too early to be experiencing what I have. I've read other people's first few days and they weren't seeing or feeling anything, so I don't know, but this is not normal aches and pains. My lips have gotten more dry the peeling it still mostly around my chin and my nose. Have gotte
  13. I got my first blood test (that I could remember) when I was about 15 and just about fainted, got really sick, cold sweats and everything. But it's because I've always been scared of needles, shots in school- I was the kid that needed the juice box and the mat to lay down on. I just have horrible experiences with needles so even though I'm 22 I act like I'm 6 when any sort of needle is involved- even the dentist. Hopefully by the 3rd month I'll be used to it and become a pro!
  14. Hi Guys, I've been lurking around here for the past week or so, finally thought I'd come out and start my own little Accutane log- you all are so supportive of one another it feels like a great place to be. Especially since no one else I know has skin like mine- even my parents don't understand. My mom always says I wear too much makeup but I just tell her that she would too if she had skin like mine. It does break her heart to see me getting so upset over how my skin is. I've been an acne suf