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  1. Pictures of acne how it's getting better in time.
  2. Well i'm at the moment trying Emu Oil, and it's feeling great on my skin bit hard to apply my foundation haha. But i wanted to buy one that also got jojoba oil in it and i heard that it works for scars, but the company where i bought my oil gave me a different one than i ordered :confused:, so when i'm out of this one i hope i get the right one next time haha. But you should search some info on google about it ;) xXx
  3. I never listen to people who don't have acne cause they really don't know what there saying and they are always so easy about it. But they don't know how difficult it is to live with this, i got this for i think 11 years now and got to accept it over the years. But still nobody wants this, i'm very happy that my skin is now looking good and only got spots but no breakouts!! Lets keep it that way haha. But people can be so easy when they don't know how it is to have this.
  4. Just came on this cause of my bro, he was talking about it. I have at the moment a really dry skin around my nose and mouth but also a oily skin :S. So i looked this up on the internet and bought 1 right away why wait right! It's sounds very good and i will take pics after a have it and use it. xXx
  5. Today i'm feeling ok, It's now the middle of the night here at the moment couldn't sleep haha. Going out with a friend to the movies tomorrow. But felt really bad yesterday and all trough today. Trying a new medication to help me to get ride of my acne, my skin lookes very well only got some small pimples popping up but they also go away very fast but leave a little red spot that makes me crazy, i hate red spots. Also just felt bad about allot of other stuff in my life. And had to go with my si
  6. Hi Daniel, I feel so bad for you, i know what it's like when something is going well and then out of the blue it's getting worse... It makes me insane when that happens. I also tried many many things than didn't work and cost me allot of money. I'm now using Niacinamide and it helpt me allot. But i'm now trying next to that Colostrum and maby that something that can help you out! I found it here on the board here's the link of the topic you should read into. www.acne.org/messageboard/Great-Acn