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  1. Just stick with the Regimen. Remember: gentle wash, bp gel, and then moisturizer. It's crucial that you moisturize (best if you get some with SPF). The sun and benzoyl peroxide may be aggravating your facial skin and causing a major dry out.
  2. From what I recall, I have noticed that with the Neutrogena SPF 15 (when I used it about 5 years ago). Now I use Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion (SPF 15) and I think it works much better. Also I use a vitamin E/A cream at night sometimes. When using moisturizer after the BP remember to wait for the BP to completely dry. Then apply moisturizer.
  3. Yes, use a mild cleanser such as Basis, Cetaphil, or Purpose. Remember to be easy and careful with your skin during washing. I used to slap on the cleanser and scrub away - not good
  4. You may want to try a facial mask and/or using a salicylic acid wash product once a week for open pores. I do that and seem to keep my pores as minimal as possible on my cheeks.
  5. I sometimes shave with a straight foil electric razor. They work well I must say. But I like to alternate between a manual and electric. Brett- The Mach 3 Turbo has 3 blades as well but includes "anti-friction" coated blades with a lubricating strip of vitamin E.
  6. The basic difference is that the Gillette Sensor 3 has three blades and the Sensor Excel has only two blades. Two blades cause less irritation and less ingrown hairs than three blades.
  7. I have used vitamine E cream as a moisturizer on top of the bp and it's been fine. I know that Neutrogena's Multi-Vitamin face cream is non-comedogenic.
  8. Try using a multi-vitamin cream on your face (that contains vitamin E and A). That seems to help any peeling that I have experienced.
  9. I can usually stop the Regimen for about 4-5 days before I start to have somewhat of a breakout. And when I start up on the Regimen again it takes about 3-4 days to clear up again. So I usually stop the Regimen for about 2 days at a time and start up (to give my skin some "breathing" time). It's different with everyone though.
  10. The Sensor 3 may be a little irritating as well. Best if you can get a single or double bladed. The Sensor Excel is a double bladed system.
  11. Try using a soap with vitamin E. It has been working fine for me so far.
  12. I agree. I've tried several methods and acne creams (though not as much as you) to no avail. Dan's Regimen rocks!
  13. jeremyspoken


    I was on Differin quite some time ago. The derm said to alternate with it and use Differin at night and BP during the day. But like I said, that was a while back. I'm using Dan's Regimin right now and currently acne free (on my face) - though I still get some on my back from time to time. Not sure if Retin A uses the same procedure, but the doc should know.
  14. I have used Jason's Tea Tree Oil Gel and it has worked well. Kept the acne at bay and also made my face soft. But the Regimen with the BP is working even better. I sometimes use the tea tree oil as the moisturizing step in the Regimen. I still use the tea tree oil gel for almost everything else (i.e. insect bites or shaving nicks)
  15. needinghelp has some good advice. You may also want to try using a vitamin A or retinol cream around the eye area (use both day and night). It has worked for me.