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  1. Hey Xilatia I would say the ones I have found that work best for me are Max Factor facefinity, or, if your skin doesn't have too much acne, maybe more like scars and stuff, Maybelline Everfresh. Both are non-comodegenic, oil free and long lasting, although the Max Factor one lasts slightly better thanthe Maybelline one. Hope that helps, good luck finding one that works for you!
  2. cornsilk loose face powder is non comodegenic and looks reall nice on - it has a subtle shimmer in it, and really smooths the complexion. Also it's not that expensive, bout 6 pounds in UK
  3. Eyeliner - Lancome or Maybelline pencils. If you want liquid eyeliner I don't know cos I never wear it - sorry! Eyeshadows, just depends on what kind of effect you like I guess. I usually just buy Rimmel or 17, but I don't know if you can get those where you are. Hope you like the mascara, I know it's expensive but i think it's worth it. Cos the formula's so thick after a couple of months the brush clogs uup a bit, you just need to rinse it with water and brush it up and down with your fing
  4. I've read a lot of posts and haven't really seen anyone mention it, but since I started using it my skin improved so much, the whole texture of my skin changed, it bacame softer, clearer and more radiant. Just thought I'd mention it...
  5. The absolute best mascara I have ever found (and i've tried a lot!) is Yves Saint Laurent False Effect mascara. It is quite expensive though, 17 pounds in UK ( although I got mine free from work cos I work in a cosmetics department). It make your lashes really long and thick, and stays out all day, and night!
  6. I totally know how you feel. I have found products I like, and I have stuck with them because they really work fr me: I use either Max Factor Facefinity foundation or Maybelline Everfresh. Both are longlasting, so you don't really need to touch up through the day. I brush Corn Silk loose powder on over the top - I think this makes such a difference, it makes my skin look smooth and even, but not too matt, it has a tiny bit of shimmer in it. All these products are non - comodegenic so won't
  7. I have been using Clinique facial soap in oily skin formula for over a year now, and it is the best thing I have found. It's really effective with the three step programmme, but if your using retin A etc on your skin you might want to watch out for their clarifying lotions. Also, its quite expensive. I think its worth it though, esp the moisteriser. Hope that helps a bit!
  8. I really want to try the vita K stuff that i have read loads about, but can't find anywhere in the UK that sells it, and to ship it from the states brings the cost up to like $60! Does anyone have info bout this, or anything similar to it?
  9. I use Clinique dramatically different moisturiser. I find it works really well. It's kinda runny so you can really rub it into your skin. After about a week I could really see a difference in my skin - it seemed a lot softer, smoother and had more glow. Only downside is the price Tiger
  10. Hi everyone. I have been coming here for a few weeks now, reading posts and I just decided that i had to post something just to say how happy i am that i found this board. I used to have pretty bad acne for about 3 years, it's a lot better now, but I'm still pretty self-conscious about scarring on my face. I have never really spoken to anyone about my acne before, and I think i was in denial for quite a while - i didn't want to think of myself as 'having acne', I was ashamed of how I looked.