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  1. Fuck acne and its marks. I'm on Accutane so I'm gonna nuke this motherfucking shit. And then once I'm done I'm gonna use a shit load of skin peelers and bleachers to get rid of those shitty ass marks. And then I'll eventually have my perfect skin back again. Fuck acne. Fuck this shit once and for all. Just... fuck it to the death.
  2. Genetics has the strongest influence on acne. Although your parents didn't have acne, your grandparents/great grandparents/etc. could have had acne and passed it on to you.
  3. I think eliminating dairy will help with all kinds of acne, even cystic acne. Whenever I indulge now and then in, say, ice cream, I always end up with at least one nice sized cyst the next day. But if I keep my diet clean for the most part without dairy, I can avoid pretty much all cysts, and, if anything, I just get really small pimples.
  4. Ok I just got my accutane prescription, this is what my derm said. You should get a total of 120-150mg per kg in order to get a 95% cure rate. If you fall between 110-120mg/kg i believe she said the cure rate was 75%. your weight: 62 kg. 120mg/kg x 62kg = 7440 mgs of accutane needed your WHOLE course at minimum to reach 95% cure. You'll be taking: 6 months x 30 days x 40mg per day = 7200 mgs total. Your actual dosage falls below the 7440mg needed. This puts you at 117mg per kg. You
  5. 40 mg Claravis the entire course. Height: 5'9" Weight: 135 lbs Can I still achieve total remission from acne even with this rather low dose?
  6. Dropped out 1st year cuz of acne. Now on Accutane and will probably go back to school when my skin is perfect again -- I'm giving myself 1 - 2 yrs to accomplish this.
  7. state your height and weight and how bad your acne is, how oily your skin is (to prove if malodrax's observation is accurate) Me (before I went on Accutane): height 5'9" weight 140-145 acne: high moderate/severe oiliness: EXTREMELY oily, would rinse face with warm water more than 10 times a day, only for all the oil to come back within 30 minutes to an hour
  8. In your vicinity there's bound to being a good deal of people with acne. The only reason why you only see people with clear skin when you go outside is because the people with acne never go out.
  9. When I see a person with a perfect complexion I want to do BAAAD things to them...
  10. My 2 cents: I've been masturbating/ejaculating a lot these days (maybe 3-5 times a day) yet my acne hasn't got worse/my skin hasn't got any oilier. But maybe that's because I'm on Accutane? lol who knows. Even when I wasn't on Accutane and fapped a lot I didn't notice any difference with my acne. IMO, diet has much more influence on acne than masturbatory habits.
  11. I've gotten these red spots on my nose from the sun. I know freckles are usually dark and brown but would the red spots on my nose be considered freckles?