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    We are the few, the strong, the acne fighters.

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  1. Parfaits and Snack wraps. That's all I get from there if there are no other options. I haven't eaten an actual meal (like hamburger or nuggets) from McD's for years. Ugh. Icky.
  2. Height: 5'9" Weight: Around 162 Acne type: Moderate, one or two chest pimples, light lower bacne/ one or two on my shoulder. Skin type: Not too oily, not too dry...just right.
  3. In no way is acne your fault. Never let anyone tell your or make you feel that way. It isn't anyone's fault at all. Is there anyway you can tell your family it hurts for them to poke fun at you? They have to understand acne is a painful experience.
  4. You're cast opposite a guy who's adorable and realizing nothing could happen because of your face and lack of confidence...esp. when you find out that there's a clear skinned girl and you know you've lost (I've had a rough night...=/) /// You almost start crying when your friend says you're beautiful// You ask your friends if your face looks irritated because it feels irritated and you understand why (with all the names of the glands)// You compare yourself to "The Phantom of the Opera" jokingly
  5. So I looked in the mirror at my school today with my glasses on and there were little almost purple-y ice-pick looking...things (I know what Ice Pick Scars look like and these weren't it) but when I'm under softer light, they're not there. Anyone know what's going on? Is this hyper pigmentation or what? I know florescent are the worst possible lights to have on you (other than stage) but does anyone know WHAT THESE ARE? I'm confused, and I want them to go away. :/
  6. I notice it, but I don't really care. As long as the skin looks soft, and they meet my eyes when we talk. That's all that matters.
  7. We all sound alike. Separated at birth? Quite possibly. I never look in mirrors anywhere with my glasses on. I made the mistake of doing that today, and realized how shitty I look and it ruined my whole day...I'm still in a bad mood. I hate it. I also try not to think of my acne and focus on my task at hand. It makes me feel better. I have no confidence if I look in a mirror.... I feel your pain and understand completely. :/ We're all going to get through this together.
  8. aw, well I'm sure you'll do well, best of luck dear

  9. (Sorry. Still no enter key.) Uno: How long did it take for you to see results?//// Dos: Will taking supplements be just as ok?//// Tres: How did you Dairy lovers cope? xD Thank you so much for your time!!!
  10. I know...I'm starting tomorrow...ahhh....I've got my vitamin D/calcium supplements...I'm just scared of being malnourished, that's all.

  11. aw how come? it might help improve

  12. Acne. Seeing how cutting dairy really helps... not sure If I'm going to cut it out yet though. Cool bout the lifting weights. :D

  13. I been good, just lifted

    Are you looking up diet stuff in reference to acne or just in all around purposes?

  14. Haha. Almost same...lookin' up diet stuff. :) How've you been?