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  1. WEEK 12? 13? 11??? Fuck it. Who cares, my forehead is clear. Well. Mostly clear. The bumps that riddled it are now gone. For now, I've stopped the Tactuo, because for one, it's fucking expensive, and two, my forehead had to be purged of preexisting bumps, so I wasn't using it to control my acne, I was using it to get rid of all the bumps that just wouldn't move. Anyways, so yes. Clear! I did have a couple of big ass blackheads that I popped and they just went away. I do have a couple of flesh-c
  2. WEEK NINE Bah, so it's been what? Two weeks since my last update? The blackheads I was bitching about last time seem to be nothing of great significance. They're sort of just... there. There's maybe seven of them that are HUGE, so HUGE it's hard not to pop (that's a lie, I did pop two) and then they turn into a little whitehead and go away. My forehead is almost clear now. I have this one beast above my eyebrow that is brewing like some sort of third eye beginning to surface. I am assuming t
  3. Yeah, that's pretty much what my forehead looked like a couple months ago. I just went to the doctor and went straight on the hard stuff: topicals. I'm using Tactuo and it does seem to be helping. Before that, did green clay masks, and it seemed to have no affect at all. Another thing to try is AHA lotion. I was using it a bit before going on the medicated topical and it was working, albeit slowly.
  4. Oh yeah. All the time. I try and just wash my face and get the hell out, but then I start looking at all the little blackheads and bumps. I prefer terribly lit bathrooms for this reason.
  5. WEEK SEVEN (ALMOST): Hmm. That's all I can say. Hmm. I am not entirely impressed right now. Why, you ask? Well, I shall explain. My skin was improving. There were only a couple little bumps left on my forehead to go and then all I had to deal with was hyperpigmentation. Then, on Sunday or Saturday or perhaps it was even Friday, I was looking at my skin reeeeeeaaaalllyy close in the mirror and saw that there was still a fair amount of blackheads on my forehead. Kind of like the blackheads I h
  6. WEEK FIVE. (I MEAN SIX.) WEEK SIX Well, things are looking pretty much the same since two weeks ago. Still steadily improving and what not. It's definitely just the last few clogged pores coming to a head. They're much less big and angry as the ones I got when I started the Tactuo. It's just like one little pimple and then it goes away in a day or two. I think I have about three or four zits on my forehead at the moment. It's no big deal anymore. I went out of town on a "mini vacati
  7. hey, i've been on the canadian version of epiduo for about a month now and i'm already seeing improvement ie.) smoother skin and way less bumps. week three was the worst for me. for the first bit i didn't get dry skin, and then it all sort of hit, but now that my forehead is clearing up the skin isn't so dry and tight. good luck
  8. happy to hear that you're seeing progress. i'm about a month in too and i'm finally starting to see/feel smooth skin as well instead of the surface of io.
  9. WEEK FOUR HOLY SHIT. Let's just say that. HOLY SHIT. As I was applying my miracle elixir cream tonight, I had a revelation: my forehead is actually SMOOTH. SMOOTH!!! No more tiny little bumps covering every little square inch of it. Mind you, I'm still getting zits, but it's so much better! I would say I have about two or three spots that are active and maybe that many scabs. That's it. It's great compared to a couple of weeks ago when there were always, ALWAYS about six or eight things hang
  10. WEEK THREE (WHAAAAA?) Just a quick update. My skin is worse and better. How is this paradox possible, you ask? Well, it's worse as in all the little bumps are turning into large, unsightly zits, but better because the spaces between the little bumps are finally showing clear skin. There are actually PATCHES of my forehead with nice, sexy smooth skin, instead of before when I had pontillism-style dot art all over it. I'm getting lots of zits, but they're coming to a head quickly and then
  11. are you sure it's not a rash on your hand? i got some pretty funky rashes on accutane (basically everything my hands and arms came in contact with i got a rash from) and they looked like little zits.
  12. Could be in a couple of weeks, could be in a couple of months, unfortunately. Everyone clears differently on accutane. Some people just start clearing up right away, and some people still have cysts right up until the bitter end. It just depends how quickly everything gets "pushed" out of you skin by the drug.
  13. WEEK TWO, DAY FOUR Waaaaaah I'm breaking out. (Small warning, this isn't going to be a positive post.) Well, the IB has started. Well, I don't really know if it's an IB, since the zits were already there, they were just little bumps, but they are all swelling up at an alarming rate. The right side of my forehead is the worst, mainly because it had the most closed bumps and now they're all blowing up into big heads. It is very... scabby there now. I feel like a dragon. I can see a whole bun
  14. cetaphil, cerave, ercerin (the one for the redness relief), complex 15, burt's bees (the sensitive skin formula.) i read on here somewhere that someone was using pure coconut oil as a moisturizer for tight, red skin and it really helped and didn't clog pores.