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  1. these red scars are so annoying. makes me feel like i still have acne.
  2. have you gotten any taller since finishing accutane. If no, would you contribute that to accutane or just being finished your growing cycle.
  3. it sucks man one time i tried to peel it off, and it hurt to take a piss for a week.
  4. My penis has been getting super dry. Life really dry. I have to pry open my pee hole to pee or it will hurt because its stuck together. Any input?
  5. when the hell are these red scars going away. being out in the sun doesn't work
  6. costco is the way to go. I wish my derm would of told me generic brands differ so much in price. Now I got to pay out of pocket because i reached my annual 1600 dollars limit for prescriptions. CVS charges 900 for 80 mgs a day for a month. I was so pissed when i realized this.
  7. I'm on 80mgs a day for almost two months, do you my doctor will keep me on 80mgs the whole 5 months?
  8. wow that has to be one of the dumbest things i've ever heard. I guess Darwins laws still exist today.
  9. it depends on the person, and if a certain food makes them breakout.
  10. well its because cvs charges 900 dollars for 2 boxes of amnesteem at 40mgs. And i just called costco and they charge a lil less than 500 dollars for 2 boxes at of claravis for 40mgs. FML. i would of been able to get almost 4 months on my insurance with costco pharmacy. And I wouldn't mind paying money for the 5th as i already had to pay an extra 320 dollars for my second prescription.
  11. My coverage only covers me up to 1600 dollars a year for prescriptions and I'm over. For my second month I had to pay 320 dollars. I don't think I can afford another month. fuck usa healthcare!