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  1. Hey! Where ya been?

  2. Welcome to the regimen... It's like a lose-lose situation. You will notice an improvement in your acne, but if your skin is as sensitive as mine, you will be red well into month 2. You have to choose either redness or acne
  3. After all my complaining, I did the regimen last night and this morning. Face is mildly red under my eyes. It's really humid outside. Face looks like a greasy pepperoni pizza... literally.
  4. Crystal: Thanks again for the encouragement. Jill: Thanks! I was using Dan's moisturizer, and my face was really red, and now that I switched to the lotion with SA, it is much less red. I will have to try the Cetaphil and see if that works to alleviate the redness altogether. Everyone: I think from now on I am going to do the regimen on my forehead and only use BP as a spot treatment on my cheeks, because I did not see improvement on my cheeks at any point while using the regimen, and I
  5. Almost two months in: My acne is exactly the same as when I started the regimen. My forehead has broken out again. My cheeks are littered with purple polka dot scars. I can't even take a picture, because I don't want to look at one of myself.
  6. Yay! That is awesome. Hope things keep getting better for you Vinny.
  7. Just thought I'd drop by and say hello :)

  8. Peacemama- Thanks for the advice. It is funny, because Jojoba oil irritates my skin really bad for some reason. I still use it for lip balm every night though. On the other hand, with the SA, I have no redness at all! I would take another pic, but I left my camera at the office and keep forgetting to bring it home. I think you are right about the AHA. It works wonder but only in small doses (like you said once or twice a week). Anyway, keep in touch! Thanks again! Realtalk- Thanks
  9. Switch moisturizers, and see if that helps. It worked for me.
  10. You have pretty eyes! I would not use the Nivea moisturizer, because it says "body lotion". I made the same mistake in the beginning, and used Eucerin body lotion. It had ingredients in it that clogged my pores. Now I am using Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer (which does have SA in it, but doesn't irritate my skin for some reason). Just a suggestion, and good luck!!
  11. My face has been feeling so great since I stopped using Dan's Moisturizer I decided, instead of Clean and Clear w/ SA, to put AHA all over it last night. Now, let's back track. A few weeks ago I used AHA as a spot treatment and woke up with red polka dots all over my face, so last night's decision could have been tragic. When I first applied it, the burning sensation almost drove me to wash it all off. I had no class today, so I left it on. The burning subsided and turned into a pleasant ti