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  1. Hey are you there?

  2. hey there.

    I forget was Mowgli raised by wolves or tigers? lol

  3. Hello,sorry i responded so late ...i was caught up with exams and stuff... yeah , Mumbai is nice ...

  4. Hi,remember me .... ? how are ya?

  5. hi how r u ??

  6. MUMBAI!? Amazing! Same place the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" took place (:

  7. hey man whats up?

  8. Hey thanks ...storm, you rock ... ... i feel better with you guys encouraging me ...thanks a lot for that ...really needed that ....hope your acne is gone ... band is fine, we are playing at some clubs,lounges etc .... made some OCs ...
  9. Thanks a lot man ..... your reply is really encouraging ... ... i will keep fighting ... till i win hope you are acne free too bro ...
  10. i'm in pharmacy i'm a second year in college! i just cant wait for the next week to be over so i can go home and relax!!

  11. fuck those people who try to bring us down because of acne .... our time will come soon ;->

    heres wisdom ..

    "We are, we are the saints

    We signed our life away

    Doesn't matter what you think

    We're gonna do it anyway";->

  12. i dont get much acne now ..... but i have these red marsk all over .... its sucks ...i got exams coming up too ..you in which year ?and studying what?iam in computer science looking for admission in college now

  13. haha, i like your words of wisdom(; haha, but still, it is annoying, adn it sucks that it's the first thing everyone notcies :/ not fun

  14. hey nothing really! finals are coming up for me so i'm cramming! how about yourself? how is your face coming? have you tried a regimine? or found cosmetics?