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  1. Ok I know there has been probably 100 threads similar to this one done in the past, so for that I apologise.... I've just finished my accutane treatment and things went really well...cleared up mostly... I still have a few tiny little pimples on my forehead and 2 tiny ones on my left cheek...U cant really see them..i only see them when I look close in the mirror What I wanted to know was, How long does the acctuane effect last once you finish treatment? Because i hear ppl continue to clear up
  2. Hey peeps... Im back on roaccutane...wohoooo lol... I got an appointment within a month with DR CHU, one of the best derms in the uk imo and he put me on roaccutane straight away... ROUND 2... 2nd day already ..
  3. I missed my appointment because i had a job interview at the same time and I got the job at the end of the day but it came at a price i guess The only options I have available are: Go see my GP/Derm on thursday and HOPEFULLY get him to prescribe me it. or Be reffered by my GP then when the letter comes through the post stating my appointment (6-7 months) and also the name of the derm and contact details. I can write a letter to the derm or phone him/her stating my situation and plead with t
  4. Hey ppl...Ill keep this short basically im 18 male from London UK and had moderate acne on my face/chest/back before I went onto Accutane. I went onto Accutane and after the initial breakout it started to work and I was finally clearing all over. Heres the problem, it has been 2 months with me on the treatment and I missed my last appointment with the derm to get my dosage for the next two months.. I phoned in the day after and had been told that they had taken me off treatment because that i
  5. Im sure there are a few people on this forum who are from london, so can anybody reccomend a few dermatology specialists working in london? I think Dr A C Chu is one of them and I am thinking of seeing him. Replies appreciated
  6. Ive got a question and i really hope sum1 puts me out my misery and answers it for me lol...Well ive been thru all dese sites searching for papaya soap and nearly all of dem say the same thing i.e the soap is 'papaya scented'.....r dese the right soaps to buy? Also i found a different link for papaya masque which is kinda interesting... http://www.skinculture.com/aftercare.html Soft Papaya & Pumpkin Masque - 2 oz. US$21.00 - £15.00 This unique masque incorporates a
  7. Who is having succes with the Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin Moisturiser to fade their red marks? and how long did it take to notice changes? I started using it today and i gotta say it gave me a tingly feeling lol like it was working....but ir says on the box that clear improvement shud take upto 8 weeks so im patient... Feedback appreciated
  8. .Hi everybody....Lets start things by saying i have moderate acne.....have tiny pimples all over my face (cheeks and forehead)...and have 2-3 tiny cysts on my right cheek... Im scheduled for an appointment with a dermatoligist in february to maybe start accutane because nothing has worked for me including BP, Benzamycin, Oral AntiBiotics like tetralicyline etc etc... I stopped using BP about 2 weeks ago because it totally stopped working for me... This is the wierd thing now....I only n
  9. Does any1 else have the same problem that when you are applying BP cream to your face (morning + night), Its difficult for your skin to absorb it? This has been happening to me alot recently and I feel this is the reason which my acne is not clearing up like it used to. I follow Dans instructions sharply and yet still while im softly rubbing in the cream at the end there is always some left on my face which is not absorbed. But it is wayyy too dry and flaky so i jus slowly get it off my face
  10. lemon juice, squeeze sum lemon slightly into a glass of water...and drink... do it 6-8 times a day....has worked wonders on red marks....ppl who have tried it will normally agree
  11. im going to see my doctor tommorow bout my acne...basically i wanna go on accutane since nuthin else worked. Obviously he is gonna refer me to a derm...How long is this gonna take? im becoming impatient bigtime