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  1. Would you be able to recommend anything a bit cheaper? I iz a pour kollege stoodent.
  2. Guys who are insecure=not sexy. Guys who are totally secure and willing to show me their flaws=sexy. But maybe that's just me. Everyone likes something different.
  3. You could also try what I do. I only wash my hair with shampoo once a week. Instead, I "co-wash" which is using conditioner to wash your hair. You massage the conditioner into your scalp and hair, and when you rinse it out, it helps rinse out dirt and oils without drying your hair and scalp out. It might take some getting used to, but I swear by it.
  4. I do not recommend quitting your retinoid cold-turkey. Instead, ease your way off of it.
  5. Hmmm. Odd. I can't not use conditioner--my hair will be like straw. I guess you should just listen to you hair and do what it's wanting you to do. Everyone's different. Having said that, I like the Hello Hydration conditioner better.
  6. hows the scar treatments coming a long?

  7. Carley's Clear and Smooth makes absolutely the best moisturizers I have ever used. I like the Exotic Butter, Regeneration, and Midnight Moisturizers. The Regeneration one is supposed to be their "anti-aging" one, but I think all of them have some anti-aging properties.
  8. OMG! I share a birthday with Dan! Sweet! Hope yours was as good as mine.
  9. What form of Vit C is it? If it is L-Ascorbic Acid, then go for it.
  10. What's your hair type and what conditioner were you using?
  11. I like to do at home glycolic peels once in a while. I started out with 30%, but that's because I had already been using a wash with AHA in it for a while. Now I'm up to 50%. It just makes my face seem to glow from within, and drastically improves red marks. As for indented scars, I really don't think it does much.
  12. Oh wow. She's gorgeous, and you did a marvelous job. :)
  13. If you're really worried about "sagging" (which I'm not sure I'm seeing what you're talking about) then I really recommend you start using a dermaroller once a month. Great for scars, saggy skin, fine lines, etc.
  14. I'll be honest with you: I have gained 20 pounds on birth control (Ortho Tri-Cyclin Lo). For me this wasn't so bad, though, because I was a stick before. As for your skin being worse after stopping, there was one women on here who weened herself off of birth control slowly and seemed to avoid her skin exploding. Maybe you could do that? In my opinion, taking birth control only for acne is not a good idea, and doctors should not prescribe it solely for acne. Just my opinion, though.