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  1. Has anyone had success with laser treatments? If so, which one? I have been dealing with acne since I was about 17. Before then I had perfectly clear skin and was very confident about my appearance. Out of nowhere my acne was so bad I was prescribed accutane and prednisone (I don't know why - big mistake) for severe cystic acne. I turn 21 in a few days and I all I want is my face back, I'm tired of this. My acne is no where near as bad as when I was prescribed accutane but in comparison to
  2. How long would you say it takes to get used to bp. I think I'm around 3 weeks in and still have redness. I was red before I started but I believe it's a little worse right now
  3. I truthfully don't think it matters that much my habits are no different from before and after I had acne
  4. I last took accutane june of 2010. I never thought my face would still be giving me problems. If I knew that accuane would have created a whole new problem that seems incurable I would have never done it and just let my nasty cysts go away over time. Now nearly 3 years later the zits are at a minimum but my skin is nastier looking and constantly red all the time. Sometimes it gets even worse, I can usually feel it in my face when it does. Right now on the regimen the BP is making my skin even mo
  5. its like redness in my cheeks i dont think its redness from acne just my skin in general
  6. I'm about 2 weeks into the regimen. I don't have many zits at this point, I got like 2 the other day for some reason but so far it has reduced pimples a bit. My problem is the way my skin looks and redness. I was on accutane which I blame for my facial redness. I used to have a white face and you can still see spots around my lips that are white but red every where else. This bothers me more than you can imagine. I read that the regimen can actually help with skin tone so I was excited for t
  7. I am so tired of having a fucked up face. I used to be beautiful and confident. Always have been quiet but girls would approach me, I have nothing now. I can't live like this anymore. This all happened so quick. How can I still have problems almost 3 years after finishing accutane? My skin is so red and nasty It fucking sucks. All my life I had this perfect view of myself and then one day I woke up with cysts on my face and everyday I would watch them multiply until my face is fucked. Does mi
  8. I used to have perfectly clear skin and the correct skin tone. Out of nowhere my skin got so bad with cystic acne i had to be put on accutane. Since then I have struggled to get my face close to what it was. My acne is 90% better then when I started accutane in January 2010 but as far as how my skin looks, I was hoping it would be far, far better at this point. While on accutane I noticed my face getting much more red. My face was always red. Even worse when I flushed, when I played sports I
  9. 2 and a half years ago out of nowhere cystic acne swarmed my face. I had pefectly clear skin until this point. I was put on acctuane and finished June of 2010. I tried pushing my doctor to let me go another month or two because my acne still wasn't gone after the 6 months, but he wouldn't. I can remember things would trigger my face to turn insanely vibrantly red during my course. While the acne and redness are not as bad, it still exists. I figured 2 years later I would be fine but I guess not.
    Clears acne with time Causes major redness Causes very dry skin This is not an over night solution. After about a month of use my zits started to go away but the side effects are not worth it. They zits might have gone my skin was left looking like a tomato. When I would get out of the shower my skin would crack from the dryness even if I had been using moisturizer. The other night I tried to use it as spot treatment. The next morning I woke up the zits were not gone and I had red blotches
  10. I basically missed my entire second semester of senior year due to my acne. I lost most of my friends. And kind of lost myself. Hell of a time.
  11. Once upon a time I had perfectly clear skin. I've always been moderately shy but it didn't really matter because I was confident and was sly and able to make jokes, girls would approach me and ask me out so it didn't really matter if i was shy and I saw the best out of life. Just before my senior year I broke out after barely having any zits EVER. It went away and then came back 5 times worse after 6 months later with horrible cystic acne that made me have accutane. I became incredibly paranoid
  12. My face is always red as well since I finished accutane. Really pisses my off. I can tell the accutane has changed my skin and it works differently
  13. I did an intense workout this morning. My skin has been insanely irritated all day, bright red, feels different.. what the hell. I drank grapefruit juice and it touched my skin and burned insanely. Why the fuck don't they tell you this shit when you start accutane?
  14. any creams or something i can use to prevent the burning?