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  1. Dans regimen is great stuff, but it totally completly didnt work for me whatsoever.
  2. I'm having my worst breakout for a long time. Very very down about it -_______-
  3. Acne, alas Pain in the ass Ass acne is even more pain in the ass I had a good ass now its in pain lucky i dont have ass acne the only pain in my ass is my face FFFMMMLLLLLLLLL
  4. I am lucky enough to not have people talk about my acne, even though i have had it bad for a long time now. The few times i have had it mentioned though i have felt so awkward its unbelievable. If people do give adive to me, ill probably ignore it, they dont know my skin like i do and whatever advice they give is probably shit anyway... like proactiv or some crap
  5. I have no friends who i would comfortable to properly open up to, the interweb is the only place i am truly myself.
  6. I've never cried over acne, in fact i very very rarely cry, actually come to think of it i don't even remember the last time i cried. I'm dead inside. Doesn't mean i'm any less eager to end this acne bullshit tho
  7. I hope things get better for you soon, you seem a good lad

  8. I have ordered before and while i dont use it now i would put my name down because there is for sure the demand for it here.
  9. I sort of agree. I don't touch the puss filled ones so muhc, but a clogged pore being dug out can be nice. A few years ago i popped out a massive blackhead on my nose, it left behind a hole. It was great though, before it hurt when i had messed around with it before, but once out it didnt hurt. Kinda like having a relaxing big shit, but in the form of a blackhead on your face.
  10. My mother had bad acne apparently, can't tell from what she looks like now though. I never told her it, but inside my head i have blamed her for it, almost as far as thinking ''why did you bother having kids if you were going to pass on the crappy skin''.
  11. I also have had bad experience with gycolic peel, but not so much as the one you said you had. For me it firstly did nothing, it tingled a bit for the time i left it on, then i washed it off, and nothing happened. Then a couple of days later it erupted into quite a lot of spots, they were not that big but there was a lot of them. I am not sure i was allergic, but i don't think i moisturised that well after i did it and the acid is quite drying. I choose not to use it now, not only to erase a
  12. You must be really upset, using all them caps like that. Get well soon bro
  13. You are probably right, i think the majority of the marks do fade, but i still get active acne so to me it just seems i have had the same marks for ages. Pictures might be a good idea, because i am indeed unsure what progress i have made.
  14. For sure. It takes an age, but time is the best healer. Just need patience, shitloads of it.