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  1. To quote someone from a few years ago: I feel like a prisoner in my life. I can't move on but I can't get out as well I always hope just to wake up from this nightmare but it doesn't. I am SICK to death of this hell, why WONT IT EVER END? I am 22 for christs sake, 5 years now and its as bad as ever. I am losing friends, I am wasting my life, I am completely trapped inside myself. No girlfriend, no prospects, HATE looking at myself. I have tried everything, antibiotics, topicals, diets, vi
  2. Right, I thought I would give this a damn good go considering I have tried everything else such as antibiotics, benz etc, to no success. I have done it for a month and I am extremely sorry to say that my acne is as bad as it was before or worse. Particularly in the chin area. I intend to stop this once I come to the end of my fibre pill supply. I actually had to stop with them for the last week because it was making me go to the toilet a lot more than necessary. 4 years and counting and I ge
  3. Hi again, one more question regarding the regimen. I already take Zinc and Vitamin C tablets, is it better if I stop taking these as well as the ones on the regimen?
  4. Thanks very much, I have ordered them all. Fingers crossed.
  5. Hi, im 21 and have had moderate/severe acne for 4 years now. Tried countless antibiotics and virtually every bp treatment going. At the moment I look worse than ever. Hence I am interested in giving this regimen a go. I live in the UK and have tried to track down everything I need, this is what I have come up with: http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/product_detail.asp?pid=124&prodid=145&sid=0 http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/product_detail.asp?pid=112&prodid=60&si
  6. I am just wondering what alternative products I can use, as it is costing a fortune to ship over the regimen products to the UK. I can find Neutrogena on-the-spot easily here, but I am struggling on a mild cleanser and good moisturizer. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Week 5 update: Much better than last week, with only 3-4 small pimples developing in the 7 days. Some dry skin still but it is manageable. So sick of all the marks left behind, wish I could just crack a deal for no new spots for 8 weeks, than at least the marks could fade and I could manage the new ones haha. Anyway hopefully I wont get any major breakouts for the next month or so and there would be significent improvement. Fingers crossed.
  8. Thanks very much, that is very helpful.
  9. Hi, just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on applying the regimen whilst on holiday. I am going next Wednesday and although I intend not to sunbathe, it will be pretty much impossible to avoid the sun completely. How shall I go about applying suncream? Straight after I have applied the regimen products? And also it is likely that I will be swimming a lot during the week, will this wash the regimen off easily? Thanks.
  10. Anyone got any answers to this^? Would be much appreciated.
  11. Good luck to you!^ Hope it all goes well, I've been on it for a month now and it was all positive until this week (report above). Just another question, how do people go about applying sun cream to their face whilst on the regimen? I am going away on holiday a week on wednesday, the weather is likely to be extremely hot so I will need suncream on my face (although I will try and stay out of the sun and not sunbathe, as it is terrible for my spots), do I apply it straight after I have applied the
  12. Thanks for the advice! Week 4 update: this is definietely by far the worst week on the regimen for me. I have experienced breakouts on my right cheek, which is by far the worst for red marks, so it looks even worse now. There have also been about 3-4 breakouts on my forehead, where I never normally get spots at all. Can't think where I have deviated from the regimen in order for this to occur. Should I stick with it?