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  1. I know you may not think this now, but oily skin will be a blessing in years to come. My grandmother's 93, and has had the same, incredibly oily skin as me her whole life. She now has hardly any wrinkles, and a great complexion, all down to her skin being so, naturally well moisturised all these years ! I know it's a pain having oily skin, especially where makeup is concerned. Don't add any oils to your skin, and try T Zone oil aborbing sheets, you can keep them on you at all times and take off
  2. Hello! I'd be careful with clinique products for oily skin if i were you. I tried them out a few months ago, and the acids they use to strip away dead skin cells, irritated my skin so much a had a huge break out of acne that took two months to get over ! :oops: i think they're best avoided if your skin is at all sensa tive tink xx
  3. Hello everyone! If you're reading this, then you're lucky enough to have found this amazing web site, and hopefully, you'll be rid of acne within a few months. I thought i'd write a little something for those of you who are finding it hard to get everything you need for the regimen in Britain and Europe, and to offer some alternatives that i've found useful. After some initial hiccups, i've found the perfect skin routine: Step one, Cleanser: Johnsons ph 5.5 softly foaming facial wash (guys, d