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  1. I am interested in your vegie recipe. Please by all means send away. Where would you like to send it to? Thanks for the reply!

    1. Wow thankyou friends, I appreciate the replys. Anyone else free to comment, the more the knowledge the better, but yeah questions answered! I will see to it that I try this right away.
    2. To the healthy people at acne.org, I have been looking through pages and pages of posts I can't find it plain and simple. Can someone tell me what I should be eating and what I should stay away from. I'm do a lot of exercise as surfer so I'm some what healthy but with traveling I tend to eat badly. What fruits and vegs are good for optimum healthy skin and soul. ALSO what are good foods to snack on???? If someone can answer these questions, you are a guru in my eyes. Thankyou! Peace.
    3. Lads and ladies, Can someone voice their opinion on a course of 20mgs for 14 months. I think I'm about 68 kgs. I just don't want to take a high dose because, right now I'm doing fine with no acne on the 2 month. But I figured that I will have to be on it for 14 months if I'm going to take 20mgs a day to reach the 150 mark. What do you think? What I really want to do is keep the oily skin and the acne away for as long as I can, you know? But will this totally want to make me kill myself? Cheers
    4. I drink a lot on weekends to the point where I pass out or vomit. It's a really stupid thing to do but hey, you only live once. I got my blood work back and everything is fine. But I do think it will eventually do something bad. I need to stop.
    5. I want some new tattoos also but when you think about it a tattoo is a scar so there should really be a problem. You tattoo might even turn out better. The colours might be more highlighted instead of fading out.
    6. Come on lads, I'm interested to find out. Lets get some answers!
    7. I'm actually starting to think I shouldn't use anything on my face. when i finish surfing and come in from the water my face looks better than when i wash it with a cleanser. hmmm...
    8. Hey man, I'm currently on accutane and I've been hitting alot of lsd lately so I think drugs would be easier on the body than alcohol is on the liver. Just my 2 cents.
    9. Any advice on what some of the best moisturisers are for oily skin and for accutane users?
    10. Maybe just maybe, I think Bp might make my skin oily has anyone ever heard of this happening?
    11. I'm am currently on Oratane. I just wanted some help with things that I should do and what not to do while on oratane? I mean should I stop exfloliating? should I stop using BP? How should I treat my skin? I used to have real oily skin before taking oratane and I am about 2 weeks in now and oil seems to be having a break which is great. Any advice would be great. Thanks guys.