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    photography.....film photography, alternative processes, medium & large formats. lots more than photo, but, you know.<br /><br />music is sick as shit, just like art. love americana/bluegrass/flk to electro/dub/electronica house
  1. Hooooly shitfuck! I don't even know what day it is, but I'm on my 6th and last month (60mg of pure fucking yummy plastic pill-ness)...I've been really busy and have had to take care of a lot of things, kinda forgot to get on here. Anyways, if you want to know what a full-blown accutane sunburn looks like, here you go: http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/6966/dsc02625uk.jpg other arm (little blurry): http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/1875/dsc02619aq.jpg I never get sunburned, even if I don't w
  2. Haha thanks, I try. I admit I'm holding back a bit on here, frightened that many won't like my humor, but I guess I'll be a little more lax with that.
  3. ummm.....your blog is fucking HILARIOUS; definitely one of the funniest (if not the funniest) one I've read on here. The end.
  4. Thanks! Yeah...I was a little discouraged about it, but the cyst forming actually never fully surfaced and went away completely after about 3 days, so that has to be a good sign! I also haven't broken out since then, so hopefully I'm dont with pimples for good now? Haha, doubt it, but hey a girl can dream. I'm getting more paranoid just like you; freaking out about anything on my face nowadays.
  5. Coda73

    Focusing on JOY through Accutane

    Like everyone's said....you skin is looking beautiful!!! I hope my looks that good haha; that's awesome that you haven't had in active in over a month...definitely a great sign. I assume the earlier you stop getting actives the more chance you have of it not recurring. I definitely understand what you said about freaking out about the smallest pimples...I freak out about just getting one pimple on my face, but I just looked back at my old pictures and realized how far I've come. I guess we just
  6. Coda73

    Wanna know a secret Acne? I hate you.

    You're face is looking pretty good!! I love your flickr photos too...beautiful pictures. I'm actually a photo major! If you aren't already you should definitely consider studying it, you have really good photos/composistion/aesthetics/etc. We're really close in our treatment I'm on day 96 (i think? haha), and I'm on 60mg. I had a few pimples last week, kind of around the same time you are having them; my derm said it was most likely just more acne being pushed out and the drug doing its job. I
  7. Day 95 Woo! Alright! So today I'm not going to post pictures, because my face basically looks the same as the last post, just that the cyst/pimples have flattened and begun to fade. I went to my last appointment and got put on 60mg again...I also think I'm going on a 7 month cycle instad of a 6 month, is anyone else doing that?? I haven't had a single breakout since the last time I posted, so I'm excited about that. HOLLA. Haha. SYMPTOMS: ECZEMA So I mentioned before that I was getting ecz
  8. DAY 81 So I'm on month 3; 60mg. I had one pimple the first week on 60mg, and for the last 3 weeks or so I've been pretty clear. Yesterday I got a pimple on my left cheek, and then today I woke up with a big painful cyst forming under the other. Hmmm...I hope this isn't bad. Maybe it's another IB, but what if my body just decided to stop responding?? I know its probably not the latter but it's just making me anxious. I hope its just another IB (wow, never thought I'd say that). RIGHT side (hoor
  9. DAY 63 Got bumped up to 60mg! My face is still pretty much the same..still have one pimple/cyst healing from a week ago. Noooo actives!!!! It's getting warm out so hopefully my face won't get too much drier on the 60mg.
  10. wooow! your skin looks sooo beautiful! congrats!! and I hear the scars/marks do fade soon, so no worries.
  11. Thanks, hopefully it stays this way! I actually wanted to donate my hair (I had a lot!) to a foundation that makes wigs and donates them to the less fortunate, but unfortunately I had part of it dyed and they don't take dyed hair :(
  12. DAY 57 Woah! Time has been going by pretty fast. I'm coming up on my third month on iso and I hear thats the grace month! Currently have 1 active. I stopped getting cysts about 2 weeks ago ($&#@ YES!!!!!)...I'm still getting breakouts but they are VERY mild and they are only regular pimples...holy shit--regular pimples--I never thought I'd be happy to have pimples on my face, yet here I am. Anything is better than cysts! and after 1 week of no cysts, I decided to FINALLY get my hair cut
  13. DAY 38 Ahhh So, per prediction, my forehead and left side are still nice and clear (minus scars) My right side, however, has gotten worse over the past few weeks. My cysts have become a fan of clustering (damn!). They're bigger/deeper/tougher than usual, and they don't go away for a very long time. I've got about...4ish actives right now? Who knows...I'm getting a knew one everyday. Bloody bastards! My friends are always asking "wait so when are you going to get your hair cut?!" Hahah, I'm t
  14. Day 29 Still having breakouts; benzoyl peroxide is still helping them a little, but the redness is still pretty bad. Nothing I'm going to whine too much over though..definitely could be worse. Right: http://yfrog.com/1gdsc02312ij Left: http://img191.yfrog.com/i/dsc02315c.jpg/
  15. They advise that for the majority of accutane users its okay to use topicals as long as your face isn't overdrying on accutane (unless they are prescription, in which case you should check with your derm first). The overdrying of accutane mixed with benzoyl can be very irritating and even cause rashes...it really drys out your skin. My skin still isn't really that dry, so I do spot treatment every now and then; however a few hours after i but on the benzoyl peroxide I put a ton of cetaphil mou