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  1. Karen L.

    Day 56 on accutane

    Sahru!!! That's wonderful news, I'm very happy for you XO karen
  2. Sahru, hope you're doing great!

    1. hey karen!!!didn't you get my messages????

      1. Hope you are doing great! Speak to you soon. x

        1. Karen L.

          Stuck on day 30 :(

          Well finally I found a fellow accutane addict just joking. I know what you mean by this; I got so satisfied with my results I became obsessed with the progress of my skin, which drove my mother mad.I became somewhat lazier than usual, just physically LAZY. My doctor told me to take some iron pills (very harmless) and vitamine C. Maybe this could help you....Good luck and I´m quite sure you are not depressed at all. We´ve all been there, the insecurity of choosing the right future path, with
        2. Karen L.

          day 6. totally freaking out.

          Sweety, don't get too worried. Wait till your derm calls you back... it's good to keep any changes physically registered just to be safe. However due to the very long and frightning list of possible side effects, we all worry far too fast. Drink enough water and keep your skin moisturized, I hadn't done this from the beginning so my skin is dried out. Take care and good luck. Ps lucky giril which such a supportive boyfriend.
        3. Karen L.

          01.03.2010 Day 26

          Thanks for your comment a week ago, you are very right about the physical and psychological.We should feel confident about ourselfs! Just read about your bloodtest. I'm not too sure what that means but I don't think you have to stop taking accutane. Good luck when you go to your derm, I'll keep my fingers crossed. X Karen
        4. Karen L.

          Accutane getting started to day 10

          You will see results fast!! Good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. XO karen
        5. Karen L.

          Day 43 Horrifying news

          - Accutane day 43 on 20 mg going on 10 mg - No new acne. - Dry, red and flakking skin. Received some horrifying news today at my derms' office; my derm is putting me on 10 mg beginning from tomorrow. I couldn't convince her to let me stay on 20 mg. I even began over the 120 mg per kilo you need in order to minimize acne to come back, she said and I quote "Ã am the specialist and I know what is good for you and we are going to experiment". Thus, she wants to experiment with my dosage a.k.a
        6. Karen L.

          Back to feeling like sh** again

          Sweety, don't get upset! I'm very sure you are not ugly! I know exactly how you are feeling, I hated to wake up and dreaded the moment I had to wash my face cause then I would have to look in the mirror. Stick to your routine and you will get there. A few days ago someone told me I was looking different, that I was looking better. But she couldn't really say what was different about me. I told her it was my skin, that I no longer had any active acne and she was just surprised at the fact that I
        7. Karen L.

          Day 52

          Sounds you're doing pretty well I read about the aspirin masks, on a review. However I thought I shouldn't begin this because I'm on my accutane treatment. Are you referring to this mask, does it help? didn't you get burning red skin of this? Sorry for the questions, I'm quite curious about it. Normally I drink some wine with supper, yet I kind of get drunk of two glasses! Maybe it's in my mind but i get the feeling I can't handle alcohol that much anymore. Take care. X Karen
        8. Karen L.

          23.02.2010 Day 20

          You sound in need of some vacation!!! Try to rest a bit and pamper yourself. Good luck tomorrow, hope evrything goes well. XO karen
        9. - Accutane day 33 on 20 mg. - No new acne. - Dry and flakking skin. Already a month on accutane! I remember my IB ,what a horrible week and a half I had. I even considered stopping my accutane course during those days, I'm so glad I didn't. Since my 20th day on accutane I had acne freeeeee skin, just red marks from my IB. I haven't had new acne for 13 days and when I apply make-up you can't see a thing. I'm quite a shy person, polite to others but shy. I do see a slight difference in my
        10. Your ending result be perfect!!