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  1. *bump* i appreciate the advice i've gotten. i've had trouble getting much feedback/help on this message board-- but if possible, i would love more responses, to possibly getting a more comprehensive overview of what all brands of dermarollers/dermastamps are out there.
  2. thanks, i will check those out. any more suggestions, feedback? i'm about to make a purchase, but before i spend my money, would love to hear more from you all! what do you think of this website: http://www.derma-rollers.com/order-online
  3. thats a pretty big statement mate. what were your particular problems? have you had better success with dermarollers? and if so, what kind? i can't get many responses to the KIND of dermaroller to use, brand-wise, and haven't found that discussed on the dermaroller topic, either.
  4. Has anyone tried the dermastamp? How is it? It is significantly different from other dermarollers? Recommended? I'm about try buying it, and would like to soon, so replies are appreciated! Thanks!
  5. I've been reading the dermarolling support thread. I've gained a lot of useful information there, but one thing I didn't come across is this: How many "brands" of dermarollers are out there? Are they pretty much all the same, or are there some with better results? I realize it has a lot to do with needle length as well, but are there some rollers which are more well-designed, and others that have crappy needle alignment or anything? Any ones to beware of or lean towards? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm new to the boards. I am overwhelmed by all there is to learn and know about acne scarring and its treatments. I can't keep up with all the terms you're talking about. What's a good starting place to learn about them? My main question right now is, what can I do at home? Is there any at-home or topical treatment that makes a significant difference? At all? I'm consulting about Fraxel, but scared to undergo something so dramatic. I guess that's the only way to get dramatic results
  7. hi all, i'm new to this. i'm not as knowledgeable about acne scar treatments as you all seem to be, but maybe you can help with that. i had a consultation for fraxel last week. the dr told me a five-treatment plan would get rid of my lesser ones. i have some deep ones that he said will not be completely smooth, but will show improvement. fraxel's pretty expensive for my low budget, and he said if i can't afford it he'd do chemical peels. have any of you had experience with either of these, a