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    My PASSION is Make-up, Hair and Beauty, MUSIC, Fashion, MUSIC, MUSIC!! ADORE good quality cafe coffee ... Macchiato with a splash of cream, divine. Have an unhealthy obsession with flavoured waters ... am a Professional Make-up Artist, also qualified HairDresser, Nail tech and Aesthetician (Remedial and Swedish Massage, Electronic and Galvanic facials, waxing - all aspects of Beauty Therapy) Trained in Skin Science, Cosmetic Chemisty, Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition. bsessed with most types of music and in LOVE with Gerard Way ;) But will settle for Adam Lazarra ... hahaha. Live in Australia and LOVE IT.
  1. It's hard to tell without seeing it ... And I suppose the only way you can get an honest opinion would be to go and visit your doc, or get a referal to a Dermatologist. It may be a reaction to something you are using with the regime, or it simply might just be a pain in the ass acne break out. Sometimes, with acne though, when you start a new regime, its very common that it seems to get worse before it gets better. Using new products or starting on a new regime and exposing your skin to new ing
  2. Apply the primer first -- if you're applying a tinted moisturiser over it, you should be using a primer that is Oil Free, and preferably something with yarrow extract, vitamin E or chamomile in - which aids A LOT in the smoothing and setting of any product applied over it. Generally, the rule is ... you usually only have to wait about a minute, two minutes at the very most, before applying foundation or tinted moisturiser over your primer. But this also depends on your skin type and what type o
  3. I can give you a bit of advise with the makeup stuff Do you use any pre foundation primer?? I have pretty sensitive skin, and found that my skin was even more sensitive when applying makeup once I started on the regime - so I started to tweak it a little bit to suit my skin needs. **note, I only do the regime once, and that's at night time** I would cleanse in the morning with a gentle Cetaphil face wash, then pat my face dry. If my face was extra sensitive that day, I would spritz a bit of
  4. Using a basic primer underneath your makeup should help prevent from any dryness or flakiness -- or any balling effect the foundation might give you. After you do the first two steps of the regime (cleanse, then apply your BP) -- when your BP is dry, try using your fingertips to press only a few drops of a nourishing oil into your skin (either RoseHip Oil or BioOil) ... and wait for it to dry slightly. Then instead of using your moisturiser, apply a generous ammount of a pre-foundation primer (
  5. ... Maybe take a two - three day break from the regime. Use a VERY mild cleanser, something like CETAPHIL, or even a basic sorbolene moisturiser to wash your face with. Try not to put any other products on it - if you can go without makeup for a couple of days, all the better!! You may be able to determine whether or not it is an allergic reaction to either the products you are using, or anything else you are exposing your body to - by paying a quick trip to your pharmacist. If you can purcha
  6. Keep your fluids up UP UP!! I know that is basically common knowledge, but your skin is the bodys biggest organ and needs atleast 2.5 litres a day (atleast!!) as it is, so imagine what it needs when topical acne products are being applied day in and day out, thinning the surface and making it appear dry and flaky more water never hurt anyone!! Also, try drinking the juice of a whole lemon in some warm water each morning before you have your breakfast About equal parts, whatever ammount the j
  7. My skin sometimes feels a little bit sensitive and tight during the day -- but one thing I have started using which seems to be REALLY helping, is COLLOIDAL SILVER. I've been using it in a spray form -- each time I cleanse my face, I wait for it to dry, then spray a good ammount of the CS on. No need to wipe it off because it dries relatively quickly. It has a really lovely calming effect on red/sensitive and dry skin. I haven't yet experienced any flakiness yet ... but Sorbolene cream is really
  8. Hi Chris - I have overly sensitive skin, so I found that on occassion, say after cleansing your face with cetaphil, spritzing your face over with COLLOIDAL SILVER, may be suited to you?? Colloidal Silver is VERY beneficial to skin, it's an powerfully alkaline and can aid in redness and sometimes just gives you a nice cool and calming feeling. Maybe give it a try - but wait for it to try before you put on your BP
  9. Hi everyone I'm new to the boards here, and really the only real reason I joined up was simply to shared my wonderful success story with you all I am 26 years old -- and about 4 years ago, I had quite a serious break out of, what was medically diagnosed as, "adult acne". As a teen, I never suffered from acne, not even one or two single pimples - I was one of the lucky ones, but in my second year of study in Advanced Beauty Therapy and Make up Artistry, my luck came to an end. Within a week