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  1. I was wondering if you can use acid peels just on the hyperpigmented spots themselves instead of all over. I'd prefer not to do a whole face peel until winter so I wont be so paranoid about the sun, and don't want to potentially irritate my skin since I have no active acne right now, just marks. So if I just apply the peel solution with a q-tip to each individual spot, will it even work properly? Just want to know beforehand as I've never heard of it being done this way. Any one have any expe
  2. subhuman

    BP irritating contact dermatitis on hands?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm going to try out the soap and lotion products that were recommended and see if they help, I agree that I'll more than likely develop a reaction to the latex especially since the skin is already so irritated. I'll report back when I get it under control.
  3. As with just about everything that comes in contact with my hands, I've developed a reaction to the BP due to my contact dermatitis, unfortunately my usual routine of applying cortiscoid creams and avoiding contact with irritant isn't going to work, because I need my hands to apply it to my face which equates to contact 2x a day..anyone have any ideas on what I can do to prevent this, it's becoming unbearable and painful even though the product is immediately washed off my hands after I'm done.
  4. subhuman

    -gentle -basic -good for acne prone and sensitive skin -long wear -doesn't transfer easily -good coverage -easy to apply -lasts a long time, dependant on how you use it of course -can be a bit drying depending on your skin type -can't find my exact skin color, so I need a powder over to even things out -it's a so-so product, nothing really special or great about it After going through dozens of drugstore brand makeups, due to developing allergic reac
  5. After a few months of the DK Regimen, I'm pretty much acne free besides some stubborn non-inflamed acne sitting in my skin, but I'm noticing that overall my skins tone and texture is bad and dull looking. Basically it just doesn't look healthy. Should I try using serums or moisturizers marketed for these problems, or will it just risk screwing up the regimen and clogging my pores? What about some form of exfoliation (that doesn't cause an initial breakout as I'm prone to bad post-inflammatory HP
  6. subhuman

    Week One summary on DK Regimen.

    Alright, little late with the weekly update, just finished my first week and now going into my second week on the DK regimen kit. Current skin status: -around 5 active spots that seem to be healing -Still lingering post-hyper pigmentation spots. -Overall a slightly dry, flaky and sensitive, this only is a nuisance when I’m wearing skin makeup. I use all Clinique cosmetics and find they are the least problematic for my skin. -Face is a bit red but it's not too noticeable as it balances
  7. subhuman

    First day of regimen!

    I recieved my package in the mail today with my order of the acne.org kit. Just applied it before getting ready for bed. I have moderate acne on my face, mostly inflamed, combination skin. Current status of skin is: -Approx. 7 active blemishes -Approx. 15 post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation marks -Overall dull and uneven skin tone I was using pro active up until now, it stopped working after three months so I knew it was time to take a different approach. I'm also on a 100mg dosage of
  8. subhuman

    Vinegar Cured my Bacne

    To be on the safe side you should definitely use a sunscreen as the acid in the vinegar may leave your skin more susceptible to sun damage. It's recommended to use sunscreen when using other acids such as lactic, citric, etc. so I assume it would be the same with acetic. Using the vinegar on your darker complexion should be just as safe on any complexion as long as you are sure to cover your back up from sun exposure or use a sun screen.
  9. Could uninflamed back acne be treated the same way as keratosis pilaris? They seem to have some similarities such as the hard plug that just sits in the skin until you remove it. Has any one tried using Urea or Lac-hydrin creams on their uninflamed back acne or similar treatments that are targeted to treating KP? Thanks.
  10. subhuman

    Clears skin for a period of time. Stops working, skin doesn't look healthy, expensive, toner runs out faster than the other products, too much hassle to keep re-ordering on time. I used Proactiv before, it stopped working after the third month so I stopped using it. Two years later I decided to give it another try and the same thing happened, I'm going to buy one more set to hold me off until my acne.org regimen arrives. Hopefully it works better than Proactiv.
  11. subhuman

    Switching from proactive to the regimen...

    Thanks for the insight, I guess I'll just have to try it out and hope for the best.
  12. I'm currently using proactive and after three months it seems to have stopped working. I was wondering if switching straight from proactive to the regimen, is there still a good chance of having an initial breakout? It seems they both have the same amount of bp in them so I'm hoping not? Any insight or experience of some one who has done the same? Thanks!