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-gentle -basic -good for acne prone and sensitive skin -long wear -doesn't transfer easily -good coverage -easy to apply -lasts a long time, dependant on how you use it of course -can be a bit drying depending on your skin type -can't find my exact skin color, so I need a powder over to even things out -it's a so-so product, nothing really special or great about it After going through dozens of drugstore brand makeups, due to developing allergic reactions caused by contact dermatitis I decided to invest in more expensive makeup that's known to be less harsh. Lady at the counter recommended this, as well as almost powder compact, and line minimizing under eye concealer. I apply it with my fingers only to blemishes and discoloration. I use a concealor for blemishes that can't be covered with just the foundation as well as for under eye darkness, then finish with the powder for a more even look and to set the makeup. It's worked pretty well so... Read More

By subhuman,

-Doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, as in no noticeable allergic reaction to my contact dermatitis -basic moisturiser with good ingredients and no added fragrance, irritants etc. -takes care of flakiness -WAY TOO OILY (to the point where it just sits on your face,feels and looks heavy) -I'm not 100% but I think there may be some reaction between the bp and the moisturiser that makes the skin more red. Before I wait to apply the lotion I have no redness but after applying it I'm looking really flush. ??? I've been using the complete DK regimen for a few months now. I find that the moisturiser has way too much oil that just sits on your face and doesn't absorb. Looks terrible especially with makeup that will be a smeared mess after a few hours. Feels greasy and heavy, and looks greasy. After a day of being out I just have the urge to wash my face immediately as it feels quite gross and uncomfortable. I like the idea of having a basic moisturiser but this stuff just isnt ... Read More

By subhuman,

Clears skin for a period of time. Stops working, skin doesn't look healthy, expensive, toner runs out faster than the other products, too much hassle to keep re-ordering on time. I used Proactiv before, it stopped working after the third month so I stopped using it. Two years later I decided to give it another try and the same thing happened, I'm going to buy one more set to hold me off until my acne.org regimen arrives. Hopefully it works better than Proactiv.

By subhuman,