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  1. Hello! I am on day 12 of 20 mg a day isotretinoin. I started taking 10 mg prednisone 3 days before the accutane. It helped reduce the swelling in my cystic acne overnight. The doc also thinks this is stopping me from having an "initial breakout". I have noticed that I am a little more hungry than normal but I have not gained a single pound. I am mindful of when to stop eating and trying to remember to have healthy snacks vs junk food. I have not experienced any "moon face" at all. My doc g
  2. I just had blood work down and it has been determined that I have a hormonal imbalance. Specifically my testosterone is high. High testosterone can cause cystic acne! Get your blood work done, it is a good start and can help the doctors get you a good treatment plan.
  3. Your skin looks very similar to mine. I was just diagnosed with hormonal acne. My testosterone is really high. I was prescribed spironolactone and just started it today. I was told to only use a gentle cleanser (Dove or Cetaphil) and use Differen once a day, nothing else topical. Have you asked your doc to do any blood work to see if your hormones are in check? Might be worth a shot.