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  1. Don't say that slave, jay and lisa will call you ignorant and force you out of the forum.....right after lecturing you on their self righteous blather. I thought you guys didn't like ignorance??? At least try to tolerate someone else opinion other than yours.
  2. I use jojoba maybe 3 times a day and its the only thing that keeps my skin clear....I wouldnt worry about what your doctor says if the jojoba is working for you .....I personally think dermatologists are a joke and a lot of them don't have the competence to offer the breadth of knowledge they claim to have....I had a bad experience with my derm who once wrote me a prescription for generic Duac......generic duac doesn't exist....so i had to go back and tell her she was wrong...she felt really stu
  3. the aha should give you immediate results! i use the neutrogena healthy skin face lotion once a night, and after like 1-2 weeks my face looked a lot less red from all the hyperpigmentation....take that think off your chin too!!!!it draws more attention to your face...youre too pretty to have metal on it. good luck.
  4. i take a handful of jojoba, massage my face with it for like 25 seconds, then rinse with water (actually makes the jojoba seem more moisturizing, cuzz it doesnt really wash off) and thats it.....once a night every night...
  5. Any kind of cream or lotion that has AHA (example: glycolic acid) will do. Usually they will contain 8-12 % glycolic acid in them. There is a brand called Alpha Hydrox which is really good...they make a product called Enhanced Lotion with 10% AHA. "Neutrogena healthy skin face lotion" is another good moisturizer that has like 8 % AHA in it.. You can get these at any drugstore...as for the UK i dont really know what products are sold in drugstores there....but these two products are ea
  6. well, I think that using bp every other night is pointless....its just ineffective unless you use it consistently every day.......If I were you, I would try 2 things.... 1. Use the BP once a day, Every night after you wash your face. 2. Buy some AHA, Dan's or Alpha Hydrox enhanced lotion...also make sure you get an spf moisturizer to wear during the day...olay complete with zinc oxide is really good.
  7. i Noticed that you are only washing your face at night and don't use a moisturizer...Do you suffer from dry skin?? maybe a moisturizer would help?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, Ive looked into a lot of these, and since you really don't know until you try them I decided to go with.............. None... Im gonna try not washing my face with any kind of cleanser.......just a little bit of cool water each night....and some moisturizer
  9. just google it and youll find tons of stuff............salicylic acid helps, as well has glycolic acid.....anything that exfoliates the skin is a general rule for bringing acne to the surface.
  10. This is unnecessary bickering......The OP's definition of Urine therapy is flawed, and there is no evidence of it, even theoretically, being an effective acne treatment. This treatment should not be encouraged until empirical backup is presented......which is hasn't. retarded retarded retarded retarded
  11. BUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT it doesnt so thats why its retarded to encourage it
  12. Yeah you know I read somewhere that Andrea Dworkin mentioned chopping off your penis to prevent Acne because if you do this it will make your body more apt to properly distribute estrogen and supress testosterone levels.....And she probably had acne when she was a teenager so she probably knows what shes talking about....
  13. because urine therapy doesnt involve DRINKING urine....ive read where urine can be applied topically....but drinking???? It's no where!!!!! I have seen no legitimate site that recommends this for acne... If you look at the forums Urine therapy is a legitimate treatment, as it has been tested and reviewed by many people...who applied it topically, not drank it....It is crucial that the method of Urine Therapy is not misconstrued or else people are going to wind up drinking piss for no reason!!