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  1. hey man i have whiteheads and this type of acne sucks try fish oil capsules
  2. realilty check be greatful for that tiny mark we all suffer from actually day to day acne
  3. well iv only been using water for three weeks now, going in the sauna, taking vitamen e fish oil and multiviatmen and benzoyl peroxide lotion, my skin in the last 4 years has never been better
  4. well the only reason my skin is kinda dry is cause yea i apply the benzoyl peroxide twic morining and night, but other wise iv really noticed my skin is so much less oilly, and in general feels cleaner, the spots are fading and honestly this week iv been so dam happy cause for once in my teenage years im clear and it actually feels good to feel good about that, i drink tons of water thou daily.
  5. i have so many friends who smoke everyday yet their skin is amazing mon so hahah idk
  6. ok so i have had acne for about 3 years now i always broke out everyday id have a new one coming up i barley started just washing may face with water about two weeks ago and the put on benzoyl lotion 5% and honestly my face was peeling a little bit at the begginging but really thats how i relized it was working its making my skn creat new skin cells, and i take 3 fish oil capsuls everyday 2 vitamen e and one multivitamin its working good not any breakouts at all and honestly there for two weeks
  8. i recently just started washing my face with water, very gentle, then pat dry, after about ten minutes i apply benzoyl proxide and salic acid every morning and night and my skin is really starting to clear its awesome i have also been moisterizing witholive oil and a spf 15 sunscreen other wise nothing much besides viatmen e, fish oil and multiviatmen suppelment, and thats all everyone give this a try i thought all hope was lost and now my face is really starting to glow and look a lot fresher
  9. wow man i think u need a realitly check and should be greatfull for that clear skin right there thankful u dont get whiteheads, and bumps and all kinds of acne their
  10. dude im 18 and bro i honestly have the same acne you do it really looks like mine like whiteheads around that area and shit it fuckin sucks man
  11. awhhhh how i've missed you! :)

  12. are u fucking kiddin my grosssssssssssss
  13. Ok so i just started vitamen e suppelment, extra virgin olive oil at night, and fish oil supplemnt, i need some sort of regimen and ways to do this stufff if anyone would like to help id really appreciate it, iv heard some good things about these prouducts and thought id give it a try for my mild to moderate whitehead acne oo yea and sexy girls hit me up hahahaha
  14. drink water its moistrizing