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  1. Well today I got my prescription! So exciting. I'm going to the pharmacy tomorrow to get it filled, it's 40mg a day. So where to begin... I never really had bad acne. I got my first pimple in 8th grade and basically up until this year, I would have maybe a few pimples at a time. Ones that weren't too noticable and maybe a bad one once a month. I did notice that during the winter my acne would get a little worse, not too bad but I certainly didn't enjoy it. I was taking minocycline everyday from
  2. If it's been there for a couple months, it could be an infection, obviously not an STD, that will stay there until you take medicine for it. If it's been there for years, then I have no idea. Either way, I'm going along with everyone else here, see a doctor.
  3. This helps so much! I thought I only had cysts and normal pimples, no whiteheads or blackheads, until I was told what blackheads are and what the look like. Then I looked at my nose and thought I had tons of them. I thought great, I knew my acne was bad, but now I realize I have it worse! This somewhat gives me hope that I don't have blackheads haha
  4. enaid, that kinda makes sense to me. I think I'll just ask my derm when I see him because my acne has cleared somewhat since I've been there. I hope I can get it done in 4 or 5 months and not 6. My friend just told me she only got dry lips and nose area. I have another friend who is on it right now and she just says her lips feel kinda dry.
  5. I knew it had to do with weight, I just didn't know it had to do with toleration to the medication as well. Thanks for letting me know! I weigh about 127lbs, which is about 57 kg, how much dosage do you think I'll be put on?
  6. Thanks but those were before pictures. Even then, those are pictures on good days haha I used to only get like one bad pimple every two weeks. Then I flared up in january really bad on my forhead. I finally don't have anmore on my forehead but now it's around my mouth and a couple on my jaw. My acne has gotten A LOT better but I still plan on taking it so I can solve acne once and for all. How bad was your acne to start off Lindsey?
  7. hmmm interesting. I think 10mg might be too low for me. I have more moderate acne. It's a few cyts and nodules but mostly pustles. When I see my derm, Ill ask him about he's somewhat planning for me. I might be going on a program like Savia
  8. I'm going to start Accutane in about two weeks. I was wondering how long people went on it and the severity of their acne? I know it's typically around 5 months, but I had a friend who had acne like me and only went on it for four months.
  9. dont be a silent visitor to my page ;P you ok?

  10. Apparently it is made of wax and oil? haha I'm not really sure. I had no idea till I read this, that it can have serious risks inhaling it! I'm concerned because I'm going to go on Acutane and my doctor said to prevent bloody noses on it (which I am VERY concerned about because I already get like three a week during the winter) I should put vasaline on a q-tip and put some in my nose. I don't think I'm going to do that now haha Anyways, I use vasaline allll the time. I remove eye makeup with it
  11. I have used this sunscreen for the longest time. I never got pimples caused from it. I think it works amazingly cause I never burn with it.
  12. thanks =] im just going to use bha and retinol. no more bp

  13. Hey I noticed that you're signature under your posts says you use BP and have bad red marks. I have the same problem but I just read that BP can make it worse. Here's the link: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/FAQ-Post-Inflammatory-H-t35143.html

  14. Well I've actually been looking into the same thing. I've been getting burned the past week by the sun because I was like the typical California resident I am and I thought a little sun wouldn't be bad for me. Well that would have been fine a year ago when I wasn't on an acne topical treatment but I'm dumb and didn't pay attention haha Yesterday, I decided to apply the Neutrogena ultra-sheer dry touch sunscreen that is SPF 55 daily. I've actually kinda used this for years, just not everyday, ca
  15. Thank the lord I decided to read this now. I was using BP and ziana to clear up my acne. It cleared up my forehead, but there are so many red marks, now I know I shouldn't use BP in areas with these bad marks. I think I'll switch to salicylic acid