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  1. You should be able to use the two together, provided your skin is clean when you use the light. Let us know how you get on. (My suspicion is that the breakout is unrelated to the changeover in treatment though; it may be coincidental.)
  2. Nice work! The only other thing you would need are goggles. At a pinch you could use swimming goggles and paint them with silver paint, or cover them with silver foil. But that would be 100% opaque, which is a nuisance. AFAIK there's no known reason why they should be significantly harmful.
  3. Twice the number of bulbs aren't going to make your acne twice as good though; it just means you only have to sit infront of it for half the time.
  4. You would probably do better to add the tea tree oil to a conditioner (tea tree oil is fat soluble, and conditioners are usually oil based or similar).
  5. Wolfy


    More than that though; physical factors of the food make a big difference, perhaps even the biggest. Consider mashed potato. That has high GI. The mashed potato mixes with the digestive juices and the sugar is liberated very quickly. But boiled potato, which has the same fiber, fat, protein is lower. Presumably the food presents less surface area to the digestion system and takes longer to break down to simple sugars. That's probably the biggest effect. Refined food has usually had t
  6. If you're wearing any coverup makeup, you should wash before; otherwise, I don't think it makes much difference. No, no effect at all.
  7. I'm not sure that they were coincidence. Clearly being on a stimulant can alter perspiration levels. I personally find that perspiration makes my acne worse. There's also some research that suggests that coffee can make acne worse, so other stimulants may well do similar things.
  8. It's exactly 8 weeks today actually. It is definately better that when i started. I'm just unsure as to whether my skin will keep improving after 3 months usage, or if that will be its peak. Your skin will continue to improve after 3 months; and it should be about twice as good by then. At this point I would expect you to still breakout, but the breakouts should be fewer and clear up somewhat more quickly. No, should be perfectly fine. I should leave a few hours between treatments thoug
  9. If you're under a lot of stress, I reckon you can do up to 10 mins twice a day with your lamp. But how long have you been on it so far GTO? Less than 8 weeks isn't it? Your skin should be better right now, but there's still a way to go.
  10. That's really overoptimistic. You should get slightly better skin almost right away (the red light helps with healing), but the majority of the visible improvement doesn't happen for 6 weeks; and then your skin should be noticeably improved and then will continue to improve till you're past the 3 month point. As a rough rule of thumb people get ecstatic at the 6 week mark onwards. Atleast, that's what's going to happen if you're in the 80% that see decent improvements. And another 10% se
  11. Nothing on the site gives me personally any faith that it works. What makes you say it's approved by the FDA, I didn't notice it saying that anywhere?
  12. Red marks practically always disappear; they're not true scars. In the meantime coverup makeup works well if used judiciously. If you're 25 you may not.
  13. Most of the good ones don't have sucrose (table sugar), but most do have sizeable quantities of dextrose or maltodextrin in them, because that gives a big glucose and insulin spike which helps your muscles absorb the protein and help you recover from the workout. Whether that makes you acne worse is an open question. I would say that eating pretty much pure protein after your workout without any sugars ("Optimum whey protein" has more or less no sugars/carbs) probably negates much, but not all
  14. Some of the shakes have milk powder in them. There's a slightly suspicious correlation between milk and acne in the population studies. There's various theories as to why, but there's no proven link. Whey powder is a milk product, but I would imagine that that would be less likely to be a problem, even if milk is, due to the extra processing it gets during manufacture, but I don't really know.
  15. Coool. Rofecoxib improves acne!!!! (Shame it has recently been banned due to causing heart disease, and thus killing people ) rofecoxib == Vioxx
  16. I'm using a shampoo by Tisserand: "Tea-tree, lemon & Rosemary shampoo". They say it's good for greasy hair and flaky scalp. I've only used it 3x so far, but it seems Ok. I bought mine over the counter in Tesco in the UK. I've also been using Tisserand's conditioner with Tea tree oil for a while though, and that works great.
  17. I'm amazed that you don't seem to understand the situation. The problem is, that retinoids haven't been shown to give permanent clearance either, with the exception of (isotretinoin) Accutane. Even topical isotretinoin (Retin-A) doesn't give permanent clearance. (That should be obvious, nobody would ever take Accutane due to the systemic issues if Retin-A worked.) The thing is, he's on two different antibiotics. The chances of picking up a tetracycline resistant bug eventually is quite hig
  18. If you've got good clearance, I would stick with it. Actually people on antibiotics tend to be healthier.
  19. The data I saw didn't (or couldn't) show that; but it could well happen. I think they only recorded data every month or so, so it would have missed the initial effects in the first week or two. What I think goes on is that the BP kills the P.Acnes fairly early on (first couple of weeks or so), but the pores were damaged by the P.Acnes before it was killed. So the pores continue to block up until they've grown out straight, and that takes 6-12 weeks or longer.
  20. The experimental data I've seen on BP says that it works from the get-go, but in practice you probably won't notice the difference until about week 6 or so, and the improvement continues beyond the 3 month point, but by then the curve is flattening out then, but still improving nevertherless.
  21. I've got a dermalux lamp; the instructions are different. I've ordered a blue lamp from sci/art but it hasn't arrived yet. The only thing I know for sure at the moment is that biochembabe used it for 10 minutes everyday, and had very good results.
  22. Doesn't sound good. Still blue is by far the most important bulb. If you get the red bulb in a week or two or more you should be OK. 60 days should be plenty anyway- most people seem to make their mind up about 6 weeks/45 days that it's working.
  23. You did a liver detox and that caused you to break out? What did the detox consist of?
  24. Mine is: a) wash face b) moisturise c) sit infront of lamp d) coverup makeup (Once a day.)
  25. I'm not completely clear, but I am pretty clear. My skin doesn't handle BP very well (it doesn't like the bidaily washing aspect you need to user BP, it just goes red.) I think have occult eczema or something, it's super sensitive. Anyway, so instead I use a home use blue/red light lamp. The research says it's as effective as BP, but less sideeffects. It really works too. My acne is about 75% better than without the lamp. So if anyone else can't handle BP, I would recommend getting one of th