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  1. Baroo

    Female Chest - Pus Deep In Pores

    I get a little bit of that on my chin. I've not heard of having it so deep, but that doesn't mean it isn't common. Try using an AHA or BHA cream after you shower. These are acids that increase cell turnover to shed your skin faster than it normally comes off. Your pores are clogged and they need clearing - using these might help. You could also try a chemical peel. You can do these at home by yourself; they sell products and kits online for doing it solo, but be careful. You can burn yourse
  2. Try tea tree oil or something with that in it. If it's really bad, go to a doctor. You don't even have to go to a dermatologist - your general practitioner can prescribe things to you. Also consider that it might be folliculitis and not acne - in which case acne treatments won't help. One thing I did last year that really helped my cystic back acne (why I'm not doing it now, I have no idea; I must be an idiot) is to alternate days of washing with BPO and washing with pyrithione zinc. BP
  3. Baroo

    I'm Living In A Nightmare I Can't Get Out Of.

    You may have a yeast problem, like Tristen suggests. It might be folliculitis (which is fungal, not bacterial) and not acne. Definitely go to a doctor - a real one. I know dermatologists seem like they never listen and they rush you in and out, but there has to be one who will really try to come up with something for you. Shop around for a good one. If you don't want to go to a doctor, there are good products out there. Neutrogena is crap; not sure if you tried it or not. AcneFree actually w
  4. Baroo

    This stuff is the shizz. It absorbs quickly, it smells nice, and it's the only thing that's ever successfully controlled my back and chest acne. It works fast and it comes in a huge bottle. A little goes a long way, so it lasts. Highly recommended. I wish it were a little stronger. I hope anyone suffering with chest and back acne tries this.
  5. I haven't. I do use her Weightless Body Lotion, though, for my back and chest, and it works really well. I've used a couple of her products and I think they're pretty effective and not very expensive. Did you end up getting it? How's it working?
  6. So in my last entry, I had stopped using the Paula's Choice BHA weightless body lotion because I went away for a week and didn't bring it with me. I broke out all over my back and had to start using PanOxyl 10% benzoyl peroxide bar soap on my back. I alternated days between using that and using a pyrithione zinc bar soap I bought on Amazon. So one day I'd use the BPO bar, then the next day the zinc bar, and so on. This worked REALLY well on my back. My back stayed super clear. My chest stil
  7. Well, I stopped using Paula's Choice because one day, I was in a hurry, then I became lazy, and my skin was clear, so why not? Then I went to visit relatives up north over Xmas, and my back and chest broke out like crazy. Like CRAZY. My face had started breaking out already around October, probably from the horrific summer we had in Central Texas last year. I got that under control using AcneFree, so now I use Cetaphil in the morning to wash, then Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser at night to
  8. Sorry for the long, convoluted title. My back is still clear. I'm super happy. The marks are fading and nothing new is forming, which is helping them fade. When I wash my back and it feels like smooth, normal skin, it makes me wish it were warmer so I could wear strapless shirts again. I have one blemish on my chest now, but I've been using the 12-hour AcneFree BP foam and it's going away. Everything else on my body is being nicely maintained by the routine I've fallen into. I just w
  9. It's hard not to feel self conscious about that, I know. It's even worse when you're a girl. I can tell you that people don't really notice that stuff on men. Your scars will fade with time; in the meantime, your best bet is to just try not to care. Let your skin breathe, wear sunscreen and just say the hell with it. If you really are looking for a solution, try a chemical peel. They're in different strengths and they really are the best thing for scarring.
  10. So with the help of the AcneFree 12 Hour Foam and the Paula's Choice BHA lotion (plus St. Ives green tea body wash), the skin on my back and chest is completely clear. Completely. Of course, I'm breaking out on my face, but I'll take it. I hope it lasts. I want the marks on my back to go away. I hate them. It seems like every time they start to fade, new acne pops up and makes more. Sad Baroo. But it could be worse. I'm glad to be clear, and I hope I can maintain it. I've been really reli
  11. So I've been using St. Ives green tea clear skin body scrub, and it seems to work pretty well if I use it in conjunction with an AHA or a BHA cream afterward. The thing that really seemed to get my back and chest clear, though, was AcneFree's new BPO foam - it's called something like AM treatment or whatever, and it's in a little mousse can. I really like it - it soaks in thoroughly, isn't too drying and is easy to apply. It does work well on my body acne. My chest is completely clear, and I
  12. So I've been using St. Ives green tea clear skin body scrub, and it seems to work pretty well if I use it in conjunction with an AHA or a BHA cream afterward. The thing that really seemed to get my back and chest clear, though, was AcneFree's new BPO foam - it's called something like AM treatment or whatever, and it's in a little mousse can. I really like it - it soaks in thoroughly, isn't too drying and is easy to apply. It does work well on my body acne. My chest is completely clear, and I
  13. Baroo

    tiny 'under the skin bumps'

    I have these, too... just little sprinkles of them on either side of my mouth. You can't really see them except in certain light, but you can feel them, and they're annoying. Yet no one seems to know how to get rid of them... I guess I could try using AHA every day and see how that works. isakendon, maybe you should try that, too. Just make sure you use sunscreen every day after you apply. AHAs do keep your cells turning over and help you shed skin faster. I'm wary of dermatologists... they al
  14. Baroo

    Not working fast enough.

    The Paula's Choice is still working, but I noticed that if I skip a day, even if I use the Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash, I start to break out again. I was at the pool all weekend for the holiday, and I think the sunscreen, the sun and the chlorine aggravated my skin. I recently bought St. Ives green tea scrub and cleanser for my face, and I fucking LOVE them. They improve my skin almost immediately. So I bought the St. Ives green tea body wash a few days ago and have been using it f
  15. I have the exact same problem. I've always gotten hormonal acne on my chin, but usually one or two, about a week before my period. Now it seems that as soon as one goes away another one pops up... and they never really seem to go away. I was on atralin for a while but it made my face really red, so I stopped using it, and it was around then that my face started to get worse. I wonder if the atralin made things worse than they were... I hope you get some answers; I'd like some myself.
  16. Baroo

    Bacne is ruining my life

    Maybe it just really annoying for the people who have face acne and bacne... What's really annoying? That she comes here to the body acne forum to talk about how her body acne bothers her? Why does that give anyone the right to tell her she shouldn't be upset? "Suck it up, at least you don't have it on your face"? We don't go to facial acne forums and say, "Suck it up, at least you don't have leprosy." I mean, come on. Be supportive or don't respond, is my point.
  17. So my back and chest are almost completely clear, which is nice. I still have a lot of hyperpigmentation on my back, which I hate, but it's fading. But now I'm breaking out all over my chin. Yes, I'm a week away from my period, but normally I only get one or two. I counted today - I have SEVEN. My skin is very fair, so they're very obvious. I should qualify this by saying that I'm on a special diet now, and have been for about a week. I'm taking all these vitamins and things to cleanse can
  18. Baroo

    Bacne is ruining my life

    I keep saying this, but I feel like I want to tell as many people as I can, because back acne sucks. And yes, dude who thinks we should stop bitching because it's not on our faces, in some ways it's worse, because people think you're disgusting. We're used to seeing acne on people's faces. It's different on your back. If you don't have back acne, did you come to this board to bitch at people who do because we think it's worse than face acne? get serious. Anyway, you can see my other posts, but
  19. Baroo

    Insane bacne.

    Hi! I've had back and chest acne for a long time - since before I was your age. I'm almost 34 now. It's hard to get rid of; it really is. Nothing seems to work. The only thing that ever really worked for me was birth control, but I don't like to take hormones because of the other side effects, so I don't use that anymore, and as soon as I stopped taking hormonal BC, my acne flared up again. I've been fighting with it ever since - about 3 years now. Back in March, I bought Paula's Choice 2%
  20. I've been using Paula's Choice 2% BHA Weightless Body Lotion for about three weeks now, and it's awesome. My back is completely clear, and my chest is almost clear. I use it on my face, too, at night. It's starting to fade the red spots. It absorbs! It doesn't sit on your skin and make a film! After about 10-15 minutes, it's absorbed and your skin just feels soft and normal. Cons: it smells kind of weird, like melon mixed with licorice, and it made me itch a lot at first, even though my skin
  21. Generally, I only shower once a day. Otherwise, my skin would dry out, and it does weird things to my hair. I don't think 12 minutes of total showering a day is out of line, though. I used the body lotion because I read about it working for body acne. I guess I could try the other things. Of course, I went away for five days to visit family and only used it once, and then I was outside on Sunday so I started breaking out again. If you get the lotion, you can get samples of other things, so may
  22. Everybody pops zits, despite what we're told, and they always get all weepy afterward (for me anyway) so I tried this. I've used it twice on my hormonal chin acne. If it's got a head on it, I always pop it. I hate that that shit is sitting there in my pore, and I want it out. Derms who say not to can suck it. Anyway, so I put this stuff on, and WOW - almost completely healed the next day. If you haven't tried it yet, try it. It works.
  23. I have hormonal acne on my face, on my chin, just a little. My face isn't really much of a concern, although I do use it on my face. The acne on my body doesn't seem to have any pattern. I didn't have an initial breakout; I didn't purge. I think some people have done so on the product, but it starts to work very quickly. I started clearing up in a couple of days, and like I said, my back is completely clear and my chest is close. My acne is pretty moderate - I don't know how it works on cysts
  24. Baroo

    Accutane Impotence Help?

    Remember not to think about it too much. While the impotence is a physical side effect of the drug, some of it is mental, too. Try to stay focused on being happy, and talk to your doctor!
  25. I'm still using Paula's Choice 2% BHA weightless body lotion every day after I shower. I'm not using the Neutrogena acne body wash at the same time anymore; I use it sometimes if I know I won't have time to use the lotion. PC is awesome. My back is completely clear, and my chest is getting close. I even use it on my face at night. It fades spots and it absorbs completely in about 10-15 minutes, so your skin doesn't have a film all day - it just feels soft and smooth. Please, please, PLEASE t