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  1. How can I find someone who does Clearlight?
  2. I am 14 female and can't seem to get rid of, or even make it less than acne. I started out with a derm telling me to use the retina A micro, and BP wash. That didn't work. I tried facials every two weeks and chemical peels, that made it less, but it only came back worse when it is my time of the month. I read the regime from Dan and will be trying that. I have 8%BP and will also moisturize, but now after reading everyones post on what is can do with red spots, I am a little worried. I do
  3. I am still a young teen, my face has broken out since I was 11, now it is getting worse. I have seen the derm and he put me on retina a, that did'nt seem to work. My doctor gave my BP8% and I am going to try that. I was getting facials every two weeks with a chemical peel once a month. That didn't work. It just masked the problems. I notice during my time of the month that it gets real bad. I now am thinking of not doing the BP because no one has yet to say it really worked. I just don