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  1. wash after exercise always
  2. How nice of them to do that :-s
  3. So they came back or you just couldn't get anymore gone?
  4. Is there anything you can buy that will help clear red marks faster, that's basically all I have now, and they are annoying. I am sure that different things are posted in different areas on this, but it'd be nice to have them all in one thread. Isn't VitaK something that helps? Or am I wrong.
  5. Yup, Rabbit said it, been on regimen for 3-4 months, I usually only have 1-2 (like now)
  6. I use gel every day (and a little more than I should... [-( ) and I don't have too much of a problem with scalp...maybe one every once in a while?
  7. Everybodies face gets red and irritated if you put too much of something on it. Could be you just need to find what works that does not irritate you.
  8. It doesn't clump with the BP, so that's a plus for it. More than most moisturizers can say... :D/
  9. Same with me, I have about 4 right now total, a lot less than I did 3 months ago... I have been using Aloe Vera every day and night before regimen and it seems to fade em, read some stuff on here about it using search... :wink:
  10. Sorry, forgot about this post. It's regular BP...Nuetrogena...3 or 4 bucks american
  11. First week is normally good, then you go for a while with little progress...then you will probably get a little worse (at least that is what happened to me, and I've read others doing that about 2 months in) then you just up the BP amount, then you see a lot of progress after that. You can try Aloe Vera (search here for some posts on that) for red marks too...I've done both Aloe and scotch tape, aloe worked better for me. Doesn't mean it necessarily will with you though.
  12. Try to get it dry atleast...5 minutes is usually OK for me. It's gotta dry too...moisturizer and wet bp don't mix too well. Whatever works for you, same stuff, one just blends with skin better...
  13. People should be careful when saying that... :wink: What works for person A isn't going to work 100% for person B
  14. I think most people do lose hope at about that time or a little before that, it stopped for a while for me, then I RAISED THE AMOUNT OF BP I USE (Wow, imagine that...) and all of a sudden all I have now are some red spots to get rid of...which I am doin fine with Aloe Vera. :wink: It works fine, people just don't give it enough time, or don't do it right, like already stated.