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  1. hey Kento! Sorry wasn't able to reply yet since i am having problems with my insomnia. will get back to you soon I promise ;)

    1. Hey!!! Guess who's back??? lol welcome back girl!

      1. Jojoba Oil is very good in moisturizing skin. Give it a go! As for me I use Olay complete day and night moisturizer.

        1. My life is cool hahaha but a bit boring lately.. How's your skin???

          1. Yeh I agree with you and I heard Olay regenerist eye cream is good. What do you think?
          2. When i was searching for eyes creams the sales lady said i should not use any eye creams at all as I am young and below 30. IDK if there's an eye cream for young women like us.
          3. Hi, girls! Couldn't find the Lumene Excellent Future eye cream. I got this Garnier eye cream instead it made my eye puffy! Then a friend gave me Givenchy Power Youth eye cream still puffy... I will go to the Bodyshop next week to get this Vitamin E cream. we'll see.
          4. I like my body figure. I never get fat no matter how much food I take how many times everyday. lol seriously idk why but I want to gain a little weight. I like my eyes, I have a good voice I sing and dance, I like my artistic abilities.
          5. Kento kento!!!! :)

            1. Ok. now i have to do some shopping. Haha cool let us know what you find Sure!
            2. Thanks girls! Will those products cause my eye to be puffy?