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  1. I love wearing mascara, and the kind I use (Great Lash) looks so good, but it tends to rub off under my eyes after a few hours even though I only wear it on my top lashes... Anyone out think they've really found a good smudge-free mascara? Seems kind of impossible that a mascara could be waterproof and 'oil proof' and still have a good texture, but it's worth asking! Any suggestions? I'm especially wondering if there's any good drugstore (ie: cheap) kinds that people think are really good..
  2. Also try using a few drops of jojoba oil--you can get it at big grocery stores that have organic-ish sections, or at health food stores. It sounds weird to put oil on oily skin, but it makes it less tight and flaky. Nothing's worse than oily skin that's also rough and dry at the same time.
  3. I used to have flaky skin until I started using moisturizer, which I hadn't wanted to because I have oily skin, and AHA cream. Try using a gentle soap like dove or something no more than twice a day and don't scrub, put on BP lotion and AHA if you can get it, and a gentle moisturizer like Aveeno ultra-calming. Try not to do anything extreme: extreme amounts of cream, extreme cleansing or scrubbing or anything. Act like your skin's really delicate and be nice to it. : )
  4. I'm sorry you're having so much trouble! I know how awful it is to look in the mirror and have the first thing you see, your skin, just look bad. Some people are lucky and have problems that aren't so immediately visible. fwiw, just from what you're saying, it sounds like you're overdoing it with the products. On the one hand, if your skin's oily, that in itself you can't change too much unless you go on accutane, and if you've got clogged pores, you'll likely always have those, too (see the
  5. Congrats on not wearing makeup! But if you want something cheap, get essential minerals free (except for like $4 S&H) sample kit. The tiny jars of mineral foundation can actually last a few weeks at least, maybe longer.
  6. The descriptions of jojoba oil say that it's good because it's so much like natural human oil, and that it's therefore non-comedogenic, but I don't think I'd want to let my face get really oily and not wash it... then again I notice that in the regimen Dan only washes his face for like ten seconds. They also say that dirt coming from the outside doesn't cause acne--that acne is formed from the inside out--, but I remember reading a study where they induced blackheads on test subjects by sm
  7. Yuck, I can totally relate. It's so awful how one spot can make you feel nervous the whole day. Maybe at least they don't think you're *that* sensitive about it, or they wouldn't say anything... when I was in high school one of my friends used to go to great lengths to have acne advice discussions in front of me, but not with me: "Oh, so Dad, you mean picking at your face DOESN'T help acne? I didn't know that, Thanks!" I hated it when people would say anything, but hated it worse when I kne
  8. Michael, you might be normal-looking, but why not try to stop the "am I ugly or not" dialog by choosing to believe that you're ugly. There. Let's just assume you're ugly. I know some pretty ugly guys who are married and happy. My best friend from high school's husband, for instance. The original Siamese twins were married with children. Steven Hawking is married with children. Your ugliness isn't your problem. It's so dull and depressing listening to someone list their faults, even if their c
  9. I'm going to have to say I think I like your "before" picture best! I know what you mean about camera flashes, but you just look rosy not rosacea there : )
  10. Green concealer freaks me out because I'd be so embarrassed if I didn't rub it in all the way somewhere on my face. I like using skin-coloured make-up over spots and then using a tiny bit of yellow stick concealer if just the make-up alone makes the spot look purple. I should say, except for the green powder palette from Physician's formula which I like cause it's subtle and it's good for putting around my nose and mouth area if it's a bit red there.
  11. I'm in Canada and I just got my free samples from everyday minerals after ordering them two weeks ago. They're great! It was fun to pick out the colours. The only thing is it seems like the makeup looks a bit funny on my skin at the end of the day? It was hard to tell; I might have just been having a weird skin day, but my skin looked somehow dull or something in the evening.
  12. If you're wanting to turn the band under to make the bubble, would the skirt actually still be long enough to not look like a shirt? As long as the band won't be too tight against your thighs you could sew the ends of six or so long thin ribbons around the edge of the hem and them turn up the edge and attach the other end of the ribbons to points on the inside of your waist if you don't want hem marks showing.
  13. I'd go with mineral make-up which yes, is makeup, but it's very subtle and a little goes a long way and they say it won't break you out... I just got my free (except for $4 shipping) sample of Everyday Minerals and I love it: you can go to their website and pick five different powders and have them sent to you within in a couple weeks. I'm getting kind of specific here but the 'everyday glo' finish looks the most natural. Matte powders look horrible in daylight.
  14. i just read your post in the craziest thing etc thread and it was VERY funny. you made my day.