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  1. Hey, check out my post I just put up. As far as scarring, I highly recommend Neosporin and AHA
  2. Hi, I am Shawn. I am from a small town in central Illinois. I don't know why it took me so long to write this (5+ years), but I think it's about time to give back. This website saved my life for what it's worth. My hell is acne. On earth there has been nothing that could bring me down more. Although I do not suffer with sever acne, it has come very, very close. Since visiting this website in Florida on a vacation back in the late 2000's I would forever be in debt to Acne.org. However, I fe
  3. I feel your pain. The last paragraph says it all. You know what to do. Believe in yourself and act as if nothing were there. Carry your acne as if despite all this crap on my face im still standing.. looking you in the eye.. confident in myself.. Lastly, check out lime juice it has worked really well for me.. Organic limes hand squeezed into a spray bottle.. apply morning and night.. 20 min later apply the rest of your routine.. i leave on the lime juice.. some people wash it off.. there have be
  4. okay so heres the question my girlfriend has make up that she puts on.. shes using the murad products.. she has 2 cysts.. but she cant be gentle with her face and she cant afford noncomodogenic makeup with this stuff so she feels like she cant let it be used to the fullest potential.. what advice could you give her for makeup and applying acne medications such as the murad system.. please help.. thanks...
  5. and i have actually trained myself to not roll around at night.. i usually wake up in the exact same position i fell asleep in.. takes time and effort cause i hate sleepin on my back but it can be done
  6. i believe it is highly plausible that there is a correlation between flossing and acne.. look it up.. if you see the science behind it starts making a lot of sense.. maybe not with everyone.. but with some
  7. actually since i have had acne i hate anything touching my face that i have avoided sleeping my on my stomach or face completely... even though i love to sleep on my stomach... so i dont think thats it at all.. definitely could be the case for some people though...
  8. The thing is.. when you floss your getting out all of that food that is stuck between the teeth.. not only that but it is also preventing the build up of bacteria in your system.. this can also lead to heart problems because this bacteria travels through your blood stream straight to your heart.. so not only could it lead to a major health failure but bacteria being in your system can cause all types of malfunctions... also... i had read once that only brushing your teeth is like washing 65% of
  9. Hey guys.. I stumbled upon an interesting question when faced with acne.. I recently started flossing (about 3 weeks now).. I use these little pick's that go in between the teeth, then i floss, then i brush my teeth, then i use mouth wash.. Since I have been doin this before i go to bed (I only do that at night.. in the morning i just brush) i have noticed considerable improvement with my face.. I do have a strict regimen that i stick to so i cannot completely say that the flossing has improved
  10. yooooo.. the struggle for acne is one of the hardest things to overcome.. because if you dont have acne... you dont know how hard it is... i had a HUGE breakout from having completely clear skin about 2 months ago and have researched my way to clear skin.. besides having gay ass post inflammatory hyper pigmentation... sooooo heres what i did... and i truly hope it works for everyone else.. i will be posting pictures as soon as the PIH goes away a little more.. -i drink lots of roobois tea (4
  11. okaaaayyy thank you veryyy much i appreciate it...
  12. I want to know if you can use AHA and jojoba oil 2x a day... as a moisturizer that is....Dan, in the video, said he uses it once at night but he never specified if it was good or bad to do it twice a day... thanks!!
  13. Can I use the AHA and jojoba oil (as a moisturizer) twice a day? Dan said that he uses it once at night but never specified if more than once was a good or bad thing.. Thanks...
  14. well, sounds like you have definitely just irritated the area.. my advice.. as cliche as it sounds.. leave it alone as best you can.. if you have bp apply it to the area... its its inflamed take some ibuprofen.. but more than anything leave it alone and dont irritate it anymore.. it will heal on its own..also.. if you want more and better advice depending on the severity of the zit.. go to the scars and treatment forum they may be able to help you out a little more..
  15. yea dude definitely just wait about 10-15 minutes and apply the moisturizer after the bp.. just makes sense.. dont even bother yourself with having to worry about that.. i know sometimes when your in a hurry it kinda sucks to wait 15 minutes after each process but im telling you it's definitely worth it.. be as patient as you can.. good luck brother