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  1. lookin good in your pictures, how is the doxy treatment going?

  2. I know, it is just rediculous.. I had a pretty good week lask week, but this week has gone to crap.. I so cant wait to start accutane and start living life again..
  3. Well, Its just been a battle with this acne on my jawline.. My derm called me early last week and said I could come in and get the paperwork and prego test to get me started on the accutane.. I am so excited, but I am so dreading the "initial breakout" I really hope it comes and goes by the time I go to hawaii in April.. I am due to start Accutane on March 23rd.. So here we go.. now just the wait..
  4. Well, I swear; Its been the worst two weeks ever.. I cant even bring my self to go to the gym.. Ive miss the gym for like a month now..By the end of the day, when im ready to go to the gym, all i can do is think about going home to wash and treat my face.. Really starting to piss me off.. today i skipped work so i could just keep my face free of makeup.. I can not leave house with out a lil make up at the least.. I called my derm, and they said to stick with the doxycycline for at least two m
  5. well, today was a bit better.. i could really use a much better day tho.. break out is deminishing a bit, however they are still popping up, here n there, i cant seem to get them to stop forming. i just started using the TTO as a spot treatment, seems to be working great but smells awful.. I had a pimple on my chin pop up and darn if i didnt go pickin it.. i have it treated and cover with a bandage, i sure hope i did not screw up by picking at it.. n e ways.. i really hope for a better week
  6. so with the tea tree oil, do you put it on every pimple include a patch of whiteheads, cause that would me i would just apply to my enitre chin. ?????
  7. Ok, so these are new to me.. I just recently started seeing a papule here n there as one went another came.. i expected this to stop, but has yet to do so..... And darn it, its really depressing.. Is there anything i can do to help these fellas out? Like speed up the exit? oh and when you do decide to pop a white head what does it mean if the pus is followed with a lil clear liquid? All i know is i make sure i stop and go no further, well now after reading a few posts and articles..
  8. YUCk! So Im on Day 10 of Doxy (which is just to hold me over till i get on Accutane) and i think im having the "initial breakout" OMG! it sucks.. I hate it.. Also, I notice that im not just getting white heads, im gettin these damn papules that seem to take forever to disapear.. I hate gettin ready in the morning cause that means i have to remove the overnight bandages, only to see they didnt disapear over night (even tho i know better, I still hope) I dont want to be in public more than i ha
  9. Hello All Well, it’s only taken me nearly two weeks after reading random posts on this site to finally subscribe and a few days following (today), I have decided to post and introduce myself. I recently turned 28, I am a single mother and I work as a Sr. Accountant for a Telecommunications Company in Anchorage, AK. I am really trying to enjoy and love life, but I find myself so focused on my breakouts, and it is so damaging... As a teenager, I had a pimple here and there, but overall
  10. I'm sorry, I'm not fully understanding your question..? I have been on doxy for 6 days now; so far so good.. I have been real good about taking it before my breakfast and dinner meal; however the other morning i forgot to eat my breakfast after taking the pill and i started to get real dizzy and nausious.. I was able to calm the feeling by eating a biscut.. woosh.. My derm told me to be sure and eat a full meal with each dose..
  11. This didn't happen to me, but I did hear of it. What dose are you on, and how many times a day? Hello there, I have been on Doxy for 6 full days now, and I already see and feel an improvement.. the two cycst that were on either side of my jaw line are alomst no exsisting.. My back which is my main source of acne feels much better.. Its no where near clear, but it does feel better.. :)
  12. Gizzmo

    Day 5 of Doxy Regimen

    This album contains photos starting on Day 5 after starting my Doxy Regimen: A.M. - 100 mg Doxycycline, wash face & back with neobenzine wash, followed with neobenzine cream P.M. - 100 mg Doxycycline, wash face with gentle wash, followed with neobenzine cream
  13. Gizzmo

    Just Me - Makeup does wonders

    Just some random pics.. I dont take pics on bad days! nor when I dont have makeup on!