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  1. i take vitamin a, b6, and stress b complex for my moderate acne. try taking those vitamins for 6 weeks to see if they work for you.
  2. i used skin id. it work really well on my skin. at first, i was really upset because it irritated my skin the first week and made me breakout a bit, i grew very doubtful, however i decided to stick with it and after about a month i began to notice results. my skin did get dry, but nothing a moisturizer can't fix. you have to stick to the regime and follow it though or else you won't see any results. my skin id evaluation was 14 cream cleaser (2.0% salicylic acid) 32 anti-acne treatment (2.5 benz
    none. this DOES NOT help pimple redness... at all! use it for your eyes not your breakouts.
    none. made me break out and didn't do anything for my scars. don't use it.
  3. ihatemyacne_1389

    very soothing. calms and refreshes irritated skin. gets rid of redness and scars. niente. use it.
    gets rid of acne and prevents it with regular use. extremely irritating. made my skin embarrassing red, dry, swollen and super itchy. my skin was so dry around my jaw it would hurt when i'd open my mouth, laugh, or eat. don't use this product all over your face. just use it as a spot treatment.