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  1. Hi Pord, I just wanted to let you know that you have absolutely beautiful skin. I think the best thing that you could do for it is to remove yourself from this board and just keep using Retin-A for the next couple of years. Do not do Fraxel Repair on your finely textured skin. All the complaints that I have seen from laser have come from beautifully fine skin like you have. You may get a noticeably different texture. If in a couple of years you decide you still want to do anything
  2. Yes, we went to Dr. Sire. I really like Dr. Sire as a dermatologist. I think he's quite honest. He said she would probably need to have the injections done once or twice a year after the initial treatment series so he never said they were totally permanent. I think he treats them more like a filler although I had thought the improvement would be permanent from what I had researched on people's comments on the internet. For some people they may be if they have enough of them done and the sca
  3. I would absolutely wait a longer period of time if you decide to go with an abalative laser. The derms recommend six months of waiting after stopping accutane for non-ablative lasers like Fraxel Restore. They actually recommend from one to two years of waiting prior to having an ablative laser done. Waiting until next year's winter break would ensure you don't have a problem from the accutane. Make sure you have a test spot done in any case. Your skin looks quite good, you really don'
  4. My daughter's scars definitely get deeper throughout the day. I deliberately try to make her derm appointments as late in the day as possible so the derms see the scarring as pronounced as possible. At night her scars look the worst...especially as there is unnatural lighting being used at that time.
  5. My daughter had saline injections last spring. I can't recommend the saline injections. After six months the scars I thought were gone have come back. There are a couple that are worse. And her skin has days where the scars all look really bad and then the next day they pop out and look better. This repeats over and over again and is scaring the heck out of me. Perhaps she's unusual, but maybe it's just because she had lots of injections done and it's caused some weird sort of longterm h
  6. Although I don't know for sure, I would assume that a medical assistant would put the numbing cream on when you got there, and the doctor would administer the shots when the skin was numbed. The easiest way to know for sure is to call the office and ask them specifically. You can always ask to have it done the way you want.
  7. If anyone is comtemplating laser, including the non-ablative lasers, please pay to have a test spot done prior to committing to full laser treatment and please go to a very experienced doctor, not a technician.
  8. I think that's exactly right. Some people got great results from the Isolagen and were very happy and many others were very unhappy because they didn't get any results and wanted to sue after having spent a lot of money. At least from the reviews I read some time ago. With the current LAVIV results it looks like the same thing: "According to the study results, a statistically significant higher percentage of subjects responded to treatment with LAVIV than with placebo, as rated by both the stu
  9. You might be interested in this quote: "If you judge the results after one treatment each, then the Fraxel Repair is better. But this requires you to stay at home for a week or more to allow healing. Most patients require about 12 days to heal and most will stay at home for the first week because it is equivalent to a wound from a second degree burn. If the Fraxel Repair is to be repeated, then at the most, usually, it’s one year or later. The Fraxel Restore gives less impressive results wit
  10. Thanks for sharing your results with us! I will be looking forward to seeing your improvement.
  11. I doubt there are many people who have had five Fraxel Repairs. I think Dudley has volunteered to be a test subject. Also, I took my daughter to the head of dermatology at a research university with a large laser research focus to see what he could do for her, and even though he had many different lasers to choose from, he still picked the Fraxel Restore to use for my daughter for her acne scarring. He said it would probably take twelve monthly sessions but that she could stop whenever she was
  12. LaViv looks really promising for atrophic acne scars. Does anyone know who the other three derms are who are able to perform this procedure? I know there was one doc from San Diego involved in the research, but I was never able to find an actual office for him. I signed up for their information list a long time ago and have never heard anything.
  13. Try Retin-A. It helps with aging skin as well as textural problems. Although I agree that you look just fine to me.
  14. At least two sets of these photos are Fraxel Restore treatments. The first set of photos of the woman that is labeled from Fraxel and the set of photos of the woman labeled Total Dermatology. I have seen them many times over in my researching of laser results. It's too bad you didn't save the laser treatments that were performed because that would obviously be more helpful than to state that all these are ablative laser treatments.
  15. Is the scar an acne scar? It looks to me like you need to go to a plastic surgeon and somehow get the edges of the skin stitched together. I agree that it doesn't really look like the type of depressed scar that would respond to fillers, but I'm not a doctor so take my advice with a grain of salt. But I would research a couple of plastic surgeons to go see who are skilled at scar revision. Some plastic surgeons give a free initial consult, so maybe you can find one who will do that for you.