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  1. Provided the potential downsides of detoxifying the skin and cleaning out from the ground up, I include zinc with the other supplements I take to make for better management. I think that has been helping a lot.

    My current supplement lineup is a muti-vitamin, Zinc, Fish Oil, and Grape Seed Extract. It has been a constant thing for a few weeks now. However my eating habits have changed too, for a month or so I have been off of soda, most sources of high-fructose corn syrup, and on more fruits, grains and veggies.

    Supplements and good food need to be taken together. Just let the body piss out what it won't use

    For whatever reason, I have found that I am not having to pop the little guys anymore.... they have been going away on their own with careful washing and topical ointments. Perhaps it is a phase, IDK, but my real goal is to prep the skin for an outpatient surgery and reduce chances for inflammation, hyptertrophic scarring, post inflammatory or excess hyperpigmentation, etc. etc.

    I would offer anyone to use zinc and fish oil with detoxifying supplements. And remember, skin rebuilds itself in 3 month spans. Patience and consistency is all it takes =)

  2. I mean to say I have both red and brown spots. The reds have gone from dark to lighter over a course of a few months, so there is progress. Overall, in the past few weeks especially, I've made my best progress, particularly because I have been rampaging on heavy supplements, like mutlivitamins, zinc, grape seed extract and fish oil. It really couldn't be working better.

    I have learned that dealing with skin problems is a fight that needs to be taken both internally and externally. I now feel safe to use castor oil, I will see how that goes... So for the sake of saving money, I shall say no to photo facials, at least for the time being.

    Thank you all for your responses.



  3. Have found olive oil to be not only soothing but effective at reducing redness and creating a smooth feel. If you are afraid of over-washing (like myself), apply olive oil and let soak into the pores for a few minutes, then wash off with water and pat dry. That's my suggestion.

    I prefer to wait another five minutes before using BP .

    I also picked up on an older thread from Dan that suggests using chilled BP with cool water. I will do the same with Olive oil and my cleanser. My goal is to reduce redness and irritability first, while preventing new breakouts.

    Olive oil had worked tremendously well when i got started on it a couple weeks ago, before I switched to using bio oil. Now its back to Olive oil due to a shaving/breakout accident that will set me back for about a month. s%$#*y!

    What is your experience with Olive oil? Find it at your local grocier!