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  1. Hi, None of you know me, Im kinda new, but being the nice guy I am, I thought I'd add my opinion. I was on Oxytetracycline, for around 4 months, I was prescribed it for a minor forehead breakout, and after taking it I havent had a spot since. However, 4 weeks ago I decided to stop, because my prescription ran out, and I thought Id see if I could do without it. And again, no spots, so Im confused whether it was the tablet or whether it was something else, anyways my doctor kept on emphasising
  2. Would life be better if we were never stressed? Maybe thats a stupid question, okay time to let 'it' out.... - Tottenham lost AGAIN....in the football (soccer)...Im english (we love our football) -I have a project due in the next fortnight, and I just cant get into the work groove! -I have a driving lesson at 9am, how am I going to wake up early, without proper sleep, its like the worst feeling in the world...especially when its cold and misrable.. Okay...Blazer...calm down...these people dont
  3. Yeah its kinda the same thing with me, In England, Cricket is like an averagely big sport besides soccer, anyways we have to wear helmet's like batting a bit like baseball. Anyways, being part of the team we have weekly matches, and Id find myself being less keen to play when I had a breakout, because I thought the helmet would which covers part of the forehead would cause me more damage..., and overall I would lose concentration... But now that its controlled, I realise that I was being stup
  4. Okay, most people think my tastes in music are really bad, but the top 5 motivational songs I feel are good for when ur down and stuff...would be: (in particular order) 1.Christina Aguilera - FIGHTER 2.KoRN - Here to Stay 3.Limp Bizkit - My Way 4.No Doubt - Underneath it All 5.Baddiel and Skinner - 3 lions Anyways, take care people!