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    My horse
  2. Elsewhere Also, I am sorry for I love NZ loss. What I want to say is please keep this thread "nice" - this is not directed at anyone in particular.
  3. I agree. Where do you find those women...or girls I suppose it is. I would be annoyed as hell if my bf thought he had to financially support me, create order in the relationship and decide what to do and when to do it. Not much of a partnership me thinks.
  4. The only thing I have to say is to wait until you're a bit older (it sounds like you're quite young). My experience is that while horribly unhappy with quite a few physical features when I was younger it has now changed and I don't really see the problem anymore. You are your own worst critic - and being young you're especially harsh on yourself. If the problem persists you should be all means do something about it. But for yourself. Not for what you think other people are saying about you beh
  5. Why on earth does anyone go out with someone they are not sexually attracted to? Jeez! Being attracted to the person you're dating/having a relationship with is, to me, just as important as being convinced that the person is a good person with a great big heart. By dating people or forcing yourself to be attracted to people you're not attracted to (if that's even possible) you are cheating them and yourself for something much better and more satisfying for the both of you. Why should the women
  6. First of all - you need to go see a psychiatrist to get a proper diagnosis. Second of all - the person who said that anti-depressants aren't long term is not correct. Your anxiety/depression is not necessarily rooted by a traumatic experience or something similar. It might be a change (perhaps permanent) in the chemicals in your lovely little brain. Usually a combination of meds and therapy is the most effective. Third of all - anti-depressants that are also used for anxiety may take weeks be
  7. I wouldn't trust online tests. And I have a feeling that people tend to make matters worse when taking tests like this. Sort of like a medical test where it says something a long the lines of "Does your back hurt often?". Well, what kind of pain, how strong, exact area and how often is often is not specified. But most people will answer yes to that question even though they only have a sore back once every month.
  8. Disorder | Rating Paranoid: Low Schizoid: Low Schizotypal: Low Antisocial: Low Borderline: Low Histrionic: Low Narcissistic: Moderate Avoidant: Low Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: Low And yet I am under psychiatric treatment.
  9. ^Seriously? Anyway, just in case you aren't being silly it means having sex.
  10. I read somewhere that when manufacturers from the western countries do move their production to 3rd world countries they actually pay the workers better than local manufacturers. I have no source for it and I do not remember where I read it but if you do a search I'm sure something will come up. Also, what does this have to do with sociology? Sounds more like an economics assignment to me.
  11. Please, please, please behave all. I do not want to send all threads to the dump.
  12. I was not. There is no insult in my initial post. Let's get the thread back on track now.