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  1. flutters

    Accutane Progress

    This album is my accutane progress using pictures!!! Here it goes... lets watch the magic happen ;)
  2. holy shit!! DONE! wtf... that went by soooooo fast and Im done! Definetly happy with the results. NO Freakin' zits. Its hard to believe!!! Yahoooooooooooooo. That was tough to go through but I DID IT! So proud of myself Im gonna re-post a pic in 1 month!! Just too see In total I finished 6520mg of the Tane and IM doooooooooooone!!! Yaaaaaaa
  3. I use a product called "Pur Minerals". You can find it at any shoppers!!! Its kinda expensive but works GREAT!! I have crazy red marks left behind my acne and I find that this stuff covers it well. Actually... I only use the powder!!! Its awesome. I dont want to use foundation on my skin just because Im kinda scared what it'll do!!! This stuff is definetly worth checkin' out
  4. I tried topical and unfortunetly it didnt work for me I was really against the use of Accutane... untill I got engaged... which then led to my wedding date happening this summer! I kept trying different products, facial peels, diet change and Nothing worked for me!!! On my wedding I wanted to be clear of acne considering its my most magical day ever and like I want to look in the mirror and see freakin' acne the morning of my wedding!!! Soooo, I went on accutane! I am done my course in one week
  5. Hey guys and gals!!! I am finishing my accutane treatment next week I am wondering though what is a good cleanser, toner and day cream to use after being on accutane???? I am 28 years old and I am wanting to use anti ageing product but am kinda scared to try anything!! Any recommendations?? Advice would be awesome on what worked for you!!! Thanks a million
  6. flutters

    Day 90

    Today is the start of month 4!!!!!!!!! No new pimples, just ALOT of red marks!!! Damn I wish I wasn't one of those who gets the nicey red marks left behind a pimple! oh well. Picture day today and it looks as though there are some changes, besides the nice herpe on the corner of my mouth. LOL. just kidding. damn accutane!!! Oh and Im hella pasty. gotta tan! Well I have only about 2 weeks left on accutane, then I've reached my maxed dosage!!! Wish me luck. Ill post yet another pic when Im all don
  7. flutters

    DAY 83

    Day 80 freakin 3. WOW. You know what... I think I just realized today that things are actually looking really good I can't even believe it!!! I can only count 3 "bumps". One or two of which are a minor pimple!! Holy smokes. Its crazy. I go from having like 20 zits/day to this Sooooooo happy. Still on 80mg per day. No back pain!!! My skin is still itchy and the odd rash here and there. Nothing I cant handle though My face is just now starting to dry up, especially in the target areas where
  8. flutters

    Day 76

    Day 76 on this stuff. I can't wait for this to be done. Well to report.... my face isn't that dry to where it is peeling but in the same sense it is dry!! My lips are sooooooooooo dry. My body is dry and itchy. Ive noticed that I need to shampoo my hair once a week now. My skin is super sensitive. Any little scratch leaves a nicey red mark behind, including the one on my nose. LOL. I am dry on the corners of my lips. Looks like damn herpes. Still plugging along on 80mg a day. Sometimes my lower
  9. Oh I was going to ask you. I am about 52kg-53kg in body weight. fairly light!! I have been fighting with acne for a long time now. Started in my early twenties! Im getting married in July this year, and of course wanted to be clear When I started accutane in february my derm put me on 40mg the first month, 2nd month was 40mg one day 80mg the next!! According to my weight, I need approx 6625mg of accutane to finish my day! I asked her kindly to bump me up to 80mg daily as I wanted to be done
  10. Wow thank you so much and Congrats!!!!!!!! You have just inspired me with all your usefull information!! I have another 2 months to go and you just made it seem easier for me to plug through with it!! Wishing you nothing but the best now and always!
  11. flutters

    Day 60

    Start of month 3 with Accutane!!!! Went to the derm today and my bloodwork was 'perfect' So with my decision and hers we've rammed up the dosage to 80mg per day!!! Gonna see how it goes!! MIND OVER MATTER!! Positive thinking will be the key to this course, because soon Im DONE!!!!! Yahooooooooo
  12. flutters

    Day 58

    Today is day 58 and I am almost done the 'hump'. My second month is coming to an end on Monday!!! You know what that means... MORE PICTURES!! Yahooooo. I felt the need to write, with having a few things happenin'. LOWER BACK PAIN!! Every time it seems I take a 80mg dose I get back pain the next day. Such dry skin on my body, that it causes me to itch! I should really put on moisturizer now!! Face.. not so dry.. lips...hella dry! So looking forward to month 3... cause that means I am more the 1/2
  13. flutters

    Day 44

    WOW!!!!!!! so much to say since the last time we've chatted!!! Jessica left That was hard, but as far as accutane goes!!! STILL BREAKING OUT I hate this sooooooo much. So frustrating!!! My lips are sooooooo much more dry. My face though isnt too bad. A little bit dry around target areas! Not nearly as oily as I once was. I even noticed it in my hair!! No oil. Its a good thing!! I find that my skin has been more itchy then normal, and I have these little tiny marks left that are itchy. So
  14. I live in Canada and I am wondering if anyone out there knows where I can buy Emu oil??????
  15. I have been reading a lot that Egg whites can really help with Acne!!! My question is do you think you could do an egg white mask while being on Accutane??? Opinions would be awesome!