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  1. Yes, thats right folks. I did it again. And by "it", i mean I picked. Never fails, once I have acheived good skin i always ruin it son by picking. BUT, since my nails are basically non existent at this point, i didnt do much damage. And, since my skin was in such god condition it has really healed almost back to normal now. And I did get out a lot of stuff I have been eyeing up for a while. Which, by the way, thats something I dont get... You are aways told DONT PICK, never pick, it
  2. sh1234


    Ok this is huge. And I mean…HUGE. I did it. I fucking did it. Today I went to work… with NO. MAKEUP. ON. NONE. Not even one drop of makeup. Only my skincare and SPF. And not even tinted SPF either, regular old plain SPF. This has been my goal for YEARS and I’ve finally done it!!!!!!!!!!! And not just “getting away with it”… not just squeaking by without makeup on - Actually feeling like my skin looks GOOD and glowing, and it does. Omg the feeling is great, to get up
  3. sh1234

    2020 is the year

    Ok so I said 2019 was gonna be the year I stop picking and get my skin ON TRACK. And i was bloody determined this time. Well, actually Ive said that for 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014.... you get my point. BUT I have made so much progress and learned so much this year that i really do feel confident to beat skin picking in 2020. I've done so many treatments this year as well, and found so many amazing products that I use every day now, I know for a fact that all i need to do now is stop picki
  4. sh1234

    For Pickers

    Also, i forgot to mention a new cream i just got that in 2 days has healed picking wounds like nothing ive ever tried! (ive said his before about Derma E Psorzema cream, and maybe the Dermatouch retinol day cream) but this one is FOR REAL, better than everything else!!!! IS Clinical sHEALd Balm. OMG. You guys. Pickers out there....we are all looking for some magical lotion to put on after a picking spree. This is it. I thought ive found it before, but no. THIS is the one. A
  5. Ok so...just rewinding a lil bit for my own memory... Back in October i went home for a visit and my skin magically got really good while i was home. Came back and had a picking spree riht off the bat (probably was a treat to myself after not picking the whole week i was at home - hence why my skin was so good). After that picking spree i got an IPL facial and my skin was great after that. Then started picking again, and just now (like a month later) my skin is finally getting "good" again. Anyw
  6. sh1234

    I Found Something

    Ok so here we are, summer 2018 and thankfully my skin has not had its annual summer dermatitis breakout so thats good. I think things are coming along quite nicely to be honest. Went swimming, got my face wet, no problem, looked fine afterwards, ect ect, all the good things. Mainly due to this new brand i found and have been using which i amazing! Its called The Ordinary, everything is super cheap im talking below $10 for most stuff and it works! I've been using some cool serums and stuff from t
  7. sh1234

    Dec 23rd Report

    Okie dokie well here i am, the day after my December 22nd challenge.. and i must say im pretty happy with where my skins at right now. It was *decent enough* for my hair appt yesterday, and i found something while shopping yesterday that i think will hit it home. Its a retinol cream i found at winners, i used it last night and already could see an improvement this morning. Will keep using! My picking has been pretty under control since theres not much to pick at right now. However, I did have an
  8. Ugh!!!!!! Failed yet again!!!! Picked since my last entry. Like, a full on picking spree last night. Just right out of control. Fell into that trance and just could not stop. I was picking spots multiple times over, even after i knew i had gotten everything possible out, even if i knew there was NOTHING in there in the first place, just hoping something would come up. I just couldn't get out of the trance so kept going over and over the same spots for absolutely no reason. Felt like complete shi
  9. Well its been what, 5 days now and guess what - ive picked. Of course. Havent had a "picking spree" but will admit that I have picked. Yep. Failed yet again. Should have known. Honestly though, I did try. So here I am, starting over again with the no picking thing. Lets just try for a week. Lets see if i can go until Friday night without picking. Ugh its so hard though. So easy to think to yourself, "ok, no picking this week" so easy to give yourself false hope, yet so hard to actually do it in
  10. sh1234

    No picking DAY 1

    Well its been a whole day since this mornings' promise of quitting. While i did not pick, persay, i must admit that i did, as i usually do, "scan" my face in the car driving home from work. I always do this, once i hit the road on the way home and im alone in the car, i mindlessly start feeling my skin for anything dry or flaky i can easily get off without looking. And i did it today.. does that count or no? I figure no. Now i still have to go into the bathroom and clean up for bed tonight so h
  11. OK. As i am writing this it is the morning after a big pick, after I was on a pretty good roll with nice skin. Yep, I played myself again. It started how it always does, went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Was going to remove one tiny flake off of a healed spot, very meticulously and controlled..... and BAM !!!!! 30 mins later my whole face has been extracted and is beet red. My favorite cream has mitigated some of the damages, its not the worst its ever been by any means but like c
  12. hmmm well sounds like the sac might still be in there? If its a sebaceous cyst
  13. Looks like perioral dermatitis. I had that too, went to the doc and got antibotics which cleared it up.
  14. Some things i have found to help, during my 2017 stop skin picking journey: -DO NOT go into the bathroom for any reason other than to actually go to the bathroom/shower ect. I always end up going in to the bathroom for no reason and end up in front of the mirror, then start picking. Keep the bathroom door closed. Dont go in unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes I even dont even turn on the light when i go into the bathroom. -Kind of goes with first point , but dont stay in front of the mirror
  15. Ive come to realize that ill always be a picker, you just have to work at it and get yourself focused so you can control yourself. The urge will always be there, even with clear skin (at least for me anyways). Just have to learn how to manage it and do as little damage as possible.