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  1. Indeed, suggesting professional grade peels and other nonsense such as vinegar and lemon juice are such dangerous quackery. Do not fall for it, always seek advice from a professional dermatologist, not some guy on internet boards dishing out shoddy and harmful information.
  2. He hasn't, if he did he'll know it is useless. I had more than 6 which did nothing. I doubt anyone has had them at greater settings than me. My bruising lasted 2-3 weeks with residual afterwards. Did zero, nothing but a waste of time. You always hear vascular lasers trotted out for this condition by people who haven't done it. Save your money and the downtime and let time heal it on its own.
  3. More defacement of my posts from a thin skinned mod (beautifulambition). Go ahead and quote my posts without the context. Stop hiding behind your made up rules arbitrarily enforced in your favor. Stop this harassment now! Your mod is not an instrument for you to dictate the narrative of every single post to conform to your narrow ideals of what constitutes sound advice.
  4. Actually this is a post as a reply in another thread but my posts are being defaced by beautifulambition as part of his censorship campaign. You need to do your own research into the safety profiles of the various acne scar treatments. For instance, Sculptra as recommended above has a dubious safety profile. Excerpt from a dermatologic surgeon; Sculptra belongs in the trash not your face In 2000, at the World Congress of Dermatology in Paris, Pierre Andre
  5. I see at least 20 scars, won't ever heal no matter what you do so just live with them.
  6. Eating oily foods heal your skin now? Can this forum get any more shit?
  7. Had 5 vbeam, 4 spectra gold toning (another pulsed-dye laser). Useless as fuck, forget vascular lasers for this condition, its useless.
  8. How do you know that? It might've been fading without the help of AHA.
  9. Yes rub potato and pee on your face while you're at it.
  10. Why would AHA work for red marks? This is a vascular condition and has nothing to do with pigment cells that can exfoliated away.
  11. Look at this bunch of idiots who think that improvements can be seen 2 days post. Just wait a while longer for microswelling to fade and all your scars to resurface.