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  1. Hey mate, I use to have a major problem with flakiness, and even splashing on blobs and blobs of moisturiser didnt help, until I found my best friend Jojoba oil. It really does wonders for flakiness, just beware it might shine your face if you apply too much, but just blot the areas you do. You can usually purchase it from any health food stores, or online here
  2. FightingAcne16

    My small little enemies =)

    Here are some pics of my tiny little bumps which are all over my cheeks and several on my forehead. Anyone have this type? or anyone with some helpful advice please comment here =]
  3. FightingAcne16

    Cleans just right! Very sensitive Does not cause acne/irrritation Smoothes out skin NO SCENT!!! Does not foam, but I dont care atall. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! :))
  4. Hey guys im a new person to acne.org and this is my first post and my gee its a great site btw =). Im a male and 17years old. Had mild acne since 15 but never this bad. I have many small bumps which are like my skin colour and are bumpy when finger goes over skin. They are kinda like my skin colour, occasionally abit darker maybe?In low light they are kinda harder to see, but still visible, in light/sunlight they are CRAZY and are VERYYY UGLY to see. Far away, they are kinda visible but closeup