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  1. I have always had very long and very thick hair. I took Accutane for five months about two and a half years ago. My hair never thinned. However--Accutane does drain you of your oils, so be aware of how much you are washing your hair. You don't want to get too dry. Take that conditioning tip from an earlier post. I actually remember not washing my hair for a couple of days in a row because I didn't need to.
  2. You should not break out anymore after Accutane. Also, I did not have to take anymore medication after Accutane. The red marks should fade, however some scars may be permanent. It's better than having acne though, isn't it? Give it some time before starting Retin-A. Accutane is still in your system about a month after your last pill. Wait and see how your body reacts. Good luck and look forward to regaining some moisture in your skin!!
  3. Accutane, Before and After
  4. My skin now resembles that of a normal teenager. A blemish every once in a while.. you know, regular deal. I have very minimal scars.. you might not be able to see them but I can But no red marks. I'm trying to get up with my doctor to get my before picture show I can show you guys.
  5. It depends on your skin, but please use sunscreen. It's very dangerous not to. I didn't really burn, but my doctor made me take it during the winter/spring to avoid that. I still put on sunscreen every time I knew I'd be outside a while.
  6. I have been finished with Accutane for over a year now, and trust me, you're in for a long haul but it is worth it. With Accutane your acne will flare up, then it will die down. It took me at least two months for my acne to show a significant change. I stayed on it for five. I'm still clear to this day.
  7. I have been finished with my Accutane treatment for over a year now. I've never heard of aquafor, but I know for a fact that CARMEX IS A LIFE-SAVER! My skin got extremely dry to the point of eczema pretty much. If anyone is having major skin irritations because of Accutane, find a lotion with the ingredient "urea." It worked for me.