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  1. keep us update on your progress=) pictures would be nice^^
  2. can you list the chemical is in Even Better skin tone corrector? i tried to look for it at the website but couldnt find it thx
  3. hey, why dont u go to the make up forum!? http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showforum=5 u should find alot help there
  4. ah.. i hv used 30% and 40% GA PEEL and the instruction of the peel say YOU MUST use baking soda after applyed for certain min i hv no question...? just there for expression ha...but wonder if he use baking soda to neutralize!~
  5. eh..when u do the GA peel, u hv to use baking soda after u apply ur peel for certain min..then u rinse off and apply moisturizer~
  6. i tried it on pimple and redmarks doesnt work for me..maybe i am too lazy to see the result but i did that for few days...and nth happen ~
  7. aspirin mask does not work for me..neither preventing pimples or fading marks..><
  8. Thank you for taking time to contact the Sephora Beauty Advisor. Lightening products can be harsh or gentle depending on formulation and your skin type. Many times the skin can become sensitized because of using too many products, or using them incorrectly. The most effecting lightening regimen includes not only a product to lighten the skin, but a Vitamin C product and sun protection. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser such as Caudalie Grape-Seed Gentle Cleanser. This cleanser cleans and tones in
  9. o well..yea..i think that is calling peeling~ ha...u wear glasses=)!
  10. i dun think this is call peeling ...or it cant be determined by this picture becoz u put aloe on it peeling mostly refer to little flake of skin coming off....that's what i was understood... so...i guess no hope the redness go away soon