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  1. Was looking into green cream.. how is it working for you Lily?
  2. bluek7

    100% TCA

    Hello heavenly blessed beauty Lily, Your face look perfectly fine from your avi. Good luck with your goals in 2010.
  3. carmex been working great for me. doesnt get my lip too shinny and has spf15. use it before bed as well, dont want to wake up to dried bloody lips
  4. Saw my derm today and asked him about this, he said the high dosage should clear up the initial breakout rather than making it worse. He then said, 40mg was a lot for my weight but he wanted to see how my skin react to it. I hope upping the dosage would make my skin better :crossfinger: Will update this again in a week for those that are interested. edit: didnt realize i have two account sry mods
  5. Been on about a month have the IB and now I walk to class head pointing down. Anyone have stories/experiences they want to share to help us deal with this?
  6. Day 23 for me and still breaking out as expected, some week it does heals faster though. Going in for my one month visit this coming Monday.
  7. I'm exactly one week in. Bunch of cyst form up the first few days now a couple are drying up and I just want to pick it out! Can I do it? or is it going to scar?
  8. Took the first pill a few minutes ago.. going to be on this message board more often now
  9. starting my script this week and this breakout thing is totally going to affect my confidence on campus