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  1. Sure , i do see a good progress , maybe u can help me I Have A Problem With RedNess And Want Know if ur Using something to calm down the redness ?
  2. No you can´t do it while on accutane and you CAN´T do it before 6 months off accutane , because you will damage your skin , you have to wait 6 months after accutane (: AND WoW your skin is lookin pretty , at your 161 day
  3. Thanx for all answers , definitely i did it speak with my doctor about it and he said yes they will pay for the medication :D i just gotta wait 2 more day and im starting accutane ( he call the insurance and the pharmacy and maybe he told them to pay my treatment :)
  4. I Will Recommend Use 100% Pure EMU Oil U Can Read Reviews About It Or Anything It Worth A Try , U Can Get It Online
  5. So if i call the insurance and told them to cover accutane they will do it ?
  6. I have americhoice insurance and i think it will cover accutane today i went to the pharmacy and leave my prescription and everything in there and comeback in 2 hours and then they told me that the insurance doesn´t cover accutane I Fail NOW I GOTTA LIVE WITH ACNE FOR MY WHOLE LIFE i told them im going to pay for it then they give me the price $650 WOOW thats too much money right i dont have all that money im just 16 years old and i live with my mom she have a work salary=200 bucks at w
  7. Hello i have a question as the tittle say i want know what you think or what you spect i should do about this , i like to wear Foundation With 0.5% Salicylic Acid and i will like to know if i Can still doing it because in 3 days i will start accutane let me know what you think
  8. Lol i hope you are playing , because if acne hit you it will hit you really bad lol
  9. hey! i actually have tried jojoba oil.. but after many monthes of trials. i realized that jojoba oil actually makes me break out.... i tried every lotion for my chin. right now im using cetaphil cream which is the best,, but its still dry!!! ahh!! what do i do? do you guys have any other tips??? thanks! I Do If You Need SomeThing That Moisturize Without Dry More Your Skin Here It Is EMU OIL You Can Read All The Reviews From It And You Will Understand What Im Talking About You Gotta Buy
  10. Good luck for you girl Im starting accutane in a few days Im exited
  11. I was worried too but basically when I went and he prescribed me accutane, I was given a prescription form that I could go to a Rite Aid and pick it up. but it wasn't activated until they got the positive results from my blood test. I took the blood test the very same day and 3 days later I got the go to go ahead and get it and start. thanks for your support guys! it really means the world to me right now. Alright thanx for your information , im happy that the day is comming Good lu
  12. Good luck starting acutanne I have a question im going to the derm february 21 in 5 DAYS !!! i know he will prescribe me accutane because last time (1 month ago) i told my derm to prescribe me accutane he said i gotta try the last resort after he prescribe me accutane so he prescribe me a antibiotic and he said if nothing improves in 1 month he will prescribe me accutane so this 21 will be 1 month and my acne is looking bad so i know he will prescribe me accutane but the question is AFTER HE P