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  1. Hey, Been on the regimen for about 3 and a half months and sad to say it wasn't for me. It did help a little in the beginning but still not clear or anywhere near it. Just got switched to Accutane about 2 weeks ago and I have high hopes. I'm happy for the people who have found success through dan's regimen but again it just wasn't for me. For the first month or so I was getting excited because it looked like it was starting to work but I guess not. I will keep you posted on my accutane trial.
  2. I'd say stick with it. If you think you have it bad check out that video. I thought I had it bad but after seeing this, it makes me look like a wimp. That kid goes to SCHOOL with that acne, how do you think it feels for him? I know it can hurt your confidence levels but who the hell cares about the others. Your acne isnt going to disappear overnight, so suck it up and barrel on through. Commitment and hard work is what gets you successful results.
  3. slow and steady wins the race.
  4. Been about a month, time for an upgrade. Upping the dose to one pump for my whole face. The regimens been good so far, nothing worth taking pictures of but I guess it's working. Face is getting smoother but hey its only been 1 month. Going to stick to it and see what happens as the next 2 months pass. I really hope this regimen isn't a fail. a
  5. Been on the regimen for a little past a month. Worked well for the first 2 weeks, got some clearing u in the skin, started to have some hope. 3rd week rolls around I got a few pimples along my jaw line, no big deal. 4th week I start having a breakout along my cheeks. Didn't change a thing in my routine so I don't know what the deal is. Starting to get really frustrated with this process! Please, someone with the same problem give me some reassurance that in the end it's worth it! Thanks
  6. My face doesn't feel dry or flake if I don't use moisturizer. It actually feels more refreshing if I only use the BP. But doesn't matter, Im going to continue using the moisturizer anyways.
  7. Hey, Anyone here using just the treatment and not the moisturizer? If you are, good results?
  8. Hey, Been on the regimen for about 2 weeks now. Cleared up a tiny bit but nothing worth getting excited about. Just had a question on the amount of BP to use. In Dan's videos, he uses a good 2 squirts from the 16 oz bottle. I found it to be ALOT. Ive been using a little less than half my index finger on each side of the cheeks. Anybody have suggestions on the amount and importance of the amount? Also, my skin doesn't get dry after applying the BP. Should I continue to moisturize? Thanks